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Our aim is quite simple, bringing the secret of science to the kids. Let the kids love science and learn science, make their future world through their hands.
Our purpose is that through Alpha’s efforts, we can not only create more value for our customers, but also bring more joy to the kids. 
Our products can help the kids explore their creative thinking, improve their DIY ability, and will let the kids love thinking since a young age. It will be useful for kids for their whole life.
Alpha has a high qualified, high efficiency and full of youth team.

R&D Team

The members of the team all graduate from famous university. They all have much experience in developing and making experiments. All the members are full of childishness and responsibility.  They all understand they are working in a great and meaningful business. They are working as a tutor, helping kids know about nature and the science world. They keep high carefulness and responsibility to each product’s research, safety testing, experiment effect. They have launched more than 2,000 sets. These sets are full of knowledge and joy. They make their efforts through their sweat, major, and knowledge. The products show the happiness and knowledge which science brings.


Alpha’s business team has high experience in product testing. They have high learning and understanding of the various countries and markets. They can provide much useful advice before the products’ formal testing, which will help the products pass the testing smoothly. Our business team will also attend products meeting with the customers on time, making sure our products conform to the requirements and demands of the customers and markets.


All the raw materials used in Alpha products are from qualified suppliers. The purchasing team has quite strict requirements for raw materials purchasing. Only testing qualified suppliers can be classified in the Qualified Suppliers List.
When the raw materials reach the factory, the purchasing team will make a spot check. They will send the draw samples to the QA team. Meanwhile, the purchasing team will draw some raw materials to the testing lab for testing. The cooperated lab are all famous labs, including ITS, SGS, and MTS. Only the qualified raw materials can be sent to the inventory. Through these double-checking procedures, Alpha can offer the quality of the best and safest products to the customers and parents.


Alpha always requires the quality of our products to conform to the highest quality standard. The sampling inspection is  AQL1.5 standard. The QA team will make raw materials test. Also, The QA team will take control of the product’s production process. QA team will inspect the goods in the assembling line. We control and supervise product quality through each procedure to finally achieve the products with zero quality complaints.


The Alpha production team has 300 skilled female workers. They come from the communities near the factory. They have professional experience in the production of children's educational toys, very familiar with each production process, and very skilled in operating various production equipment and work hard to treat them seriously. Every production link ensures the safety and quality of children's educational toys.
Alpha respects every female worker and provides them with a safe and comfortable working environment, rich lunches and holiday benefits. At the same time, alpha regularly conducts toy production training for them to improve their work efficiency, help them grow, and work together to produce high-quality educational toys for children around the world.
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