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Brand Description Alpha manufacturing LTD.
Over the years, alpha has used security, professionalism and love to create a world of science magic for children. We have been working hard to create abundant scientific educational toys for children, and has assembled a professional product research and development team. With first-class product production line, at the same time establish a strict production management system and quality supervision system, from raw material procurement, product design and development, mold production, packaging and injection molding, color printing, assembly and transportation, quality inspection, safety testing are strictly completed in the alpha plant area, Do your best to make every product.
Clean and without dust factory environment, systematic production process, scientific and perfect enterprise management system, make the alpha factory has obtained international authoritative certifications such as ICTI, WCA, SCAN, ISO9001, WalMart, Michaels, and all scientific puzzles produced by alpha. The toys are tested and certified by the European standard EN71 and the American standard ASTM F963.

After many years of painstaking study and R&D experiments, Alpha has created five specialty product brands for children, including Science Big Bang, Test Tube Science, Girl Toys, Slime Slug Toys, and Crystal Toys to help children understand this planet. Guides children to explore scientific knowledge while helping children improve their senses, physical skills, coordination skills, learning skills, exploration skills, independent thinking skills, creative thinking skills, engineering skills, math skills, artistic skills, etc. Each product contains a small story of scientific knowledge, allowing children to learn different scientific knowledge after playing, inspiring and guiding children to unravel doubts in life, let children grow up in fun play, Alpha strives to give The children create a childhood full of science and pleasure.

Big Bang Science ® :

Presenting a big explosion of scientific knowledge for children, presenting the most comprehensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, geography, environment, etc. to children, letting children know why will rain, why the stars will blink ? Why oranges can generate electricity. Improve children's ability to explore, think independently and hands-on. Make a small scientific experiment team with Mom and Dad to explore more scientific mysteries and make children become science "small mentor" at home.


Help children understand the different chemical phenomena of molecules in test tubes, understand the causes of changes in color in test tubes, learn basic chemistry knowledge with mom and dad, explore different chemical reactions in life, enhance children's ability to explore, and think independently. Ability and hands-on ability to create a beautiful rainbow in a test tube and become a little scientist who will be "magic."


Children play with mud products, help children understand the composition of mucus through the touch of mud and skin, why do we have sticky nose, mucus on the body of the snail, unravel the children's curiosity about mucus, understand mucus The change, using safe and environmentally friendly products to help children learn to observe the biological environment, to meet the child's curiosity, become the "Bell" in the child.

Girls Toy® :

Help children to cultivate color perception, artistic ability and other aspects, let the children know why soap and bath salt balls can produce a lot of bubbles, why they are fragrant, unlock the password inside the bubble, Make a colorful magic bubble of your own with mother.


Help children understand the growth process of crystals, understand the changes in different stages of crystal, unravel the mystery of why crystals grow like this, and improve children's perception, observation and hands-on ability. Create a colorful crystal world with the kids and create a “Crystal Magic World” for kids.

Let us glow® :

The moon and stars in the dark kept giving blinks for us .Owing to the sparkling stars and the bright moon,our room looks not so dark.Dear child,do you want to put the shinning moon and stars in your room when you sleeping?This science toy of alpha contains glowing stars and Tyrannosaurus Rex,which can help children to accumulate the cognitive ability of different shape ,such as moon ,stars,heart shape,dinosaur.These little adornment can make your room looks more sparkling and interesting. Now,take the science toy and invite your parents ,to decorate your room and create your own starry sky!
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