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There are many amazing and magical phenomena that hide in our living environment such as colorful crystals and discolored paper.
Do the kids know? Science is all around us, Many scientific phenomena are not found in the laboratory. There are many amazing scientific phenomena in our daily life.
There are many beautiful marine creatures swimming and floating in sea water.
Buzzing flies, disgusting maggots, slippery slugs, and other common insects were seen in the daily life may make you sick,
When you see those dazzling diamonds and crystals, do you want to know where they came from and how long they took?
Some of the green slimes look disgusting, some of the slimes looks like a pearl, and some of the slimes glow in the dark.
From chirping of insects, singing of birds and murmuring of creeks in nature to traffic and construction noise in cities, can you here different sounds every where?
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Crystal Science ®


    Do you know how the citrine gems are growing?Does it beautiful like other gems?Now,you can get the answer from the science kit of citrine gems!You can observe the growing process of citrine gems with your child,and help them to improve their abilities of thinking and coordination,satisfied their cur Read More

  • Crystal Garden

    Do you know how the crystal are growing? Do you want to learn something about colorful crystals?This science kit of crystal garden can help children to see the funny process of crystal growing. It can help children to learn the magical chemical knowl Read More

  • Crystal Growing

    Beautiful crystal glitters the most pure color,do you know how crystals form? how many different growth law it has? The crystal growing science toys of Alpha Science Toys can answer your question. They can help you solve the mystery of crystal growing. This toy is designed in speciality for kids to Read More

  • Blue crystal

    The blue crystal that like the blue sky can send out the mysterious light.But do you know how the beautiful blue crystal are growing?Now,you can find the answer that you want from this science kit of blue crystal.At the same time, it can help children to improve their abilities of thinking, coordina Read More


    The pure and azure gems that like the sea are so beautiful and bright.Dear child,do you want to have your own crystals that like the sapphire?Now, this science kit of sapphire gems can help children to know how the gems are growing and help them to learn some basic chemic Read More

  • Stalactite

    There has the most grotesque stalactite in the dark caves.The stalactite are the unique art that create by the nature.Stalactite are formed its unique appearance during the constant geological changing.Dear children,do you want to know more about how the stalactite are formed?Now,let’s find the answ Read More


    The most bright and solid stone around the world is the diamond.Dear child,do you want to have a such brilliant and beautiful diamond?Now this science kit of clear diamond can help you to realize your small dream.At the same time,it can also help children to improve their abilities of observation,th Read More


    The ruby that like the fire are so dazzling and beautiful.But do children know how such beautiful color formed?Now,you can find the answer from this science kit.It can cultivate and improve children’s abilities of observation,exploration and thinking.At the same time, it ca Read More


    There are so many bright and solid quartz stones during our daily life.But how these quartz stones are formed?Are you curious about them?This science kit of quartz gems can bring the answers about the quartz gems for children.It can help children to observe the slight changing of quartz gems and imp Read More

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Manufacturer:XinXiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd
Address: West Of Bei Huan Road, Muye District,
 Xin xiangCity,He Nan Province,China,Post Code 453000