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Rainbows are very beautiful. Do children know how many colors there are in a rainbow? What happens when so many colors come together? Do the kids want to know? Alpha science toys' colorful Rainbow Science Toys Set help chidlren uncover the color codes in the rainbow.
There are many amazing and magical phenomena that hide in our living environment such as colorful crystals and discolored paper.
Do the kids know? Science is all around us, Many scientific phenomena are not found in the laboratory. There are many amazing scientific phenomena in our daily life.
There are many beautiful marine creatures swimming and floating in sea water.
Buzzing flies, disgusting maggots, slippery slugs, and other common insects were seen in the daily life may make you sick,
When you see those dazzling diamonds and crystals, do you want to know where they came from and how long they took?
Some of the green slimes look disgusting, some of the slimes looks like a pearl, and some of the slimes glow in the dark.
From chirping of insects, singing of birds and murmuring of creeks in nature to traffic and construction noise in cities, can you here different sounds every where?
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Test Tube Science ®

  • Disappeared Water
    Do you know that the water can also be disappeared?However,it’s not a magic but just a simple chemical experiment.Do you want to know what chemistry principles in it?Now, this test tube science toy can help you to solve the mystery of disappeared water.It can also help children to enjoy the pleasure Read More
  • Sugar-water rainbow
    The rainbow that after rain is very beautiful,but do you know how the rainbow formed? Do you want to make your own beautiful rainbow? This test tube science toy can help you to realize your dream.It can also help children to learn the simple reaction among water,oil and pigment during the process that them are making the rainbow.This science toy can also exercise the abilities of observation,thinking and coordination of children, provide more pleasure for kids and help them to become a happy builder of rainbow. Read More
  • Crazy molecule
    Do you know that objects are composed by the different molecules in the concept of chemistry?Do you want to know the changing of these molecules?Do you want to know how these activity molecules changed into the gel?This science toy can show the feature of these activity molecules and it can hel Read More
  • Colorful Balls
    Do you know that these colorful beads that like the jelly can be grow in the water? Do you know why can they grow ,why can they sparkle? This test tube science toy can told you these answers. At the same time, it can help children to improve their ability of perception for color,and help them to learn more knowledge of chemistry during they enjoy themselves,to become a happy scholar. Read More
  • Magic Snow
    Do you want to make your own magical snow?Do you want to make your own colorful snow?Now,you can make the colorful snow that you want just with a little water and pigment.This educational science toy which adopt the completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials,can help children improv Read More
  • Magic Snow
    Do you want to make your own magical snow?Do you want to make your own colorful snow… Read More
  • Color Diffusion
    What reactions will be happen when the water mixed with different color?Are the children curious about the diffusion of color on the PH test paper? This test tube science toy can help children to comprehend these knowledge of chemistry that easy to understand. It can also help them to know the diffe Read More
  • Color’S Bang
    Do you know the each color of the beautiful rainbow that in the sky contains?What the color we will get if we put the yellow and blue together?Why the oil repels the water?This test tube science toy not only can give the answers of these question, but also can give the enlightenment of color and ch Read More
  • Acid & Base Collision
    In the chemistry,the collision between acids and bases has the most obvious changing feature.Do you want to know the color changing in the interaction between acids and bases and how the color changing on the PH paper?This test tube science toy can help children to know the basic chemistry knowledge Read More
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Manufacturer:XinXiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd
Address: West Of Bei Hean Road, Muye District,
 Xin xiangCity,He Nan Province,China,Post Code 453000