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Alpha has a very strict quality control system because dealing with kids products, quality is the most important factor.
We inspect raw materials and assemble products strictly according to relative quality standards and testing standards.
For liquid, ink, and water-based components, we need to test for LHAMA, TRA, USP 51, USP 61/62 which are very time consuming and require a lot of expertise and caution to handle these components. Numerous of testing needs to be done to ensure the safety of raw material can pass these chemical testing. Any solid chemical components would require TRA to ensure they are not on the banned substance list from the U.S.or Europe.
Alpha works with several well-known labs very closely namely MTS, ITS, SGS, and BV. We pretest all of our raw materials in a timely fashion to make sure the safety of components. A tremendous amount of investment had been made into testing to ensure product quality. 
The raw materials will be sent to a professional lab for testing at regularly, such as SGS, ITS, and MTS. Also, we have passed various audits, such as Walmart FCCA, WCA audit, Michaels’ audit, SCAN, Also, we got GSV, ICTI, and ISO 9001 Certificate.
These years, with the continuous development of Alpha, the ability of storage plays a key role in it.
Alpha has an independent and professional storage space and team, which can provide professional service for the material storage, acceptance, inventory, and storage requirements and maintenance, including the finished product storage. 
We will continue to work hard in the storage and management of materials and products with the most rigorous, scientific methods and meticulous attitude.
Through years of continuous practice and learning, our warehousing capabilities have been tested and approved by the factory inspections to ensure the excellent quality of each product.

Material Storage

The Alpha QA team will conduct the material and product inspection before they are put into storage, and check the quantity and data to ensure that each material has been tested and reaches the standards.

Material Management

After the materials have been inspected and stored, the detailed archives, cards, and material-technical files are prepared in time for the materials. The three kinds of information are consistent and the materials are stored and managed.

Material Storage

Separate stacking according to the type and characteristics of the materials. To ensure storage and easy storage, the materials which can put on the shelves, try to put them on the shelves and the positions should be uniformly numbered. For fire extinguishing methods, materials with different temperature and humidity requirements, cannot be put together.

Maintenance Of Materials

Professional warehouse management personnel continue to learn and practice, regularly use different material maintenance methods to ensure that each material reduces quality changes and losses, to ensure that materials have the best guarantee in addition to natural factors, and at the same time give product quality the best guarantee.

Material Outgoing

When the materials are discharged from the warehouse, each material and product is subject to inspection and quality inspection. The quality of the stored materials is checked, and the materials and products with different quality are not allowed to go out of the factory area, to ensure that each of the products, delivered to the customer, are quality qualified products.

Emergency Mechanism

The warehousing team will combine the physical and chemical properties of materials, combined with the natural environment of material storage (such as temperature, humidity, air, sunlight, rain, dust, sundries, insects, etc.) and their storage period, master all kinds of precaution of the materials. Do best in warehouse cleaning, take different precautions and different maintenance and maintenance methods, and at the same time strengthen the quality inspection of materials to achieve moisture, insect, deformation, anti-theft, fire prevention, and other purposes.
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