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There are many amazing and magical phenomena that hide in our living environment such as colorful crystals and discolored paper.
Do the kids know? Science is all around us, Many scientific phenomena are not found in the laboratory. There are many amazing scientific phenomena in our daily life.
There are many beautiful marine creatures swimming and floating in sea water.
Buzzing flies, disgusting maggots, slippery slugs, and other common insects were seen in the daily life may make you sick,
When you see those dazzling diamonds and crystals, do you want to know where they came from and how long they took?
Some of the green slimes look disgusting, some of the slimes looks like a pearl, and some of the slimes glow in the dark.
From chirping of insects, singing of birds and murmuring of creeks in nature to traffic and construction noise in cities, can you here different sounds every where?
Tel: +86-13223745050
Manufacturer: XinXiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd.
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Wild Slime ®

  • Glow In The Dark Slime

    The green light in the darkness is the light of glowing slime.The magic of glowing can bring more pleasure in the dark for children .This kind slime is so soft and enough safe.It can satisfied children’s curiosity and help parents to enlightened children’s imagination and crea Read More

  • Prank Slime

    Weird colors,lifelike eyes and bugs,this kind of prank slime makes children crazy.This kind slime toy have the feature that safe,soft and funny,it can help children to cultivate their ability of coordination and their courage,relive the pressure of children.Now,let’s play tri Read More

  • Color Changing Slime

    Do you know clearly of the seven colors that rainbow contains? Do you want to know how these colors are changing ? This secret can be found in this color changing slime.Does it amazing that the slime can changing colors ? This color changing slime can help children to learn the the changing process of different colors and at the same time ,it can also cultivate the abilities of observation,perception and logical thinking.Through this science slime kit,they can have a deep understanding of the colors and can learn some basic knowledge of physics,satisfied children’s curiosity.Now let children to become a happy magician of slime ,and make your own color changing slime kits ! Read More

  • Metallic Sliime

    Slime kits with the color of metal can let children to play as they want ,they can use these metallic slime to make golden crown or silver sword.These activities can help children to cultivate their abilities of coordination and imagination.What are you waiting for ?Now ,like a pri Read More

  • Lovely slime

    The lovely pink slime is as soft as jelly.This beautiful slime science toys is belongs to girls’.This kit can help children to satisfied their curiosity ,and DIY the shapes that they favorites.At the same time,the abilities of coordination,imagination and creativity for children can Read More

  • Colorful slime

    Dear children ,do you know why there are so many different colors in the paint?Do you know how these colors are forms ? Now ,you can find the answers in this colorful slime kit .Children can observe different colors during they playing.It can help children to improve thei Read More

  • Snow Slime

    This kind of slime likes the snow is so crystal and clean,it’s so soft that can bring a magical frozen world for children.This slime science toy can satisfied children’s curiosity,and they can DIY their own frozen world with their imagination and creativity.Through these activi Read More


    The pearl slime has the beautiful light like pearls.Children can learn the process of color changing during they are playing and it can cultivate children’s abilities of creativity,imagination and perception,try to satisfied their strong sense of curiosity.Now ,DIY your own be Read More

Manufacturer:XinXiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd
Address: West Of Bei Huan Road, Muye District,
 Xin xiangCity,He Nan Province,China,Post Code 453000