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What is Blended Learning? 3 Benefits of a Blended Learning Approach for Your Child

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What is blended learning? What are the 3 benefits of a blended learning approach to your child's Back at the start of the pandemic, schools were closed and children had to stay home. Parents everywhere are skeptical of online education programs - how far, if at all, does it measure up to regular face-to-face classes?

Until now, schools are open again, but online learning is here to stay or at least partially so. So what is the best way to educate? Today, the Alpha science classroom explains to parents why the blended learning approach is so good ...... What kind of learning method is it exactly?

What is blended learning?

Simply put, blended learning (also known as hybrid learning) combines regular face-to-face classes with online learning materials.

Students still learn from their teachers in the classroom, except they also have access to a range of online educational resources to facilitate their learning. This may include




simulations, and mini-games, among others.

Blended learning enhances student learning. Research shows that blended learning improves student performance, promotes engagement with peers, and reduces failure rates.

At this point, you may be confused - is blended learning just online homework?

Well, no.

Here's a simple breakdown of one of the many approaches to blended learning - the flipped classroom.

Flipped classroom. Students learn new content online at home and then practice it in class. It usually involves.

Students watch a webinar or video at home, read the text of the course material, and then

present, discuss, and/or practice what they have learned with their classmates and teacher

Essentially, it draws on the best parts of both face-to-face and online learning - by turning the video or webinar into a video that students watch at home, skipping the boring lectures, and engaging them with productive discussions and interactive group or individual projects.

In addition, because blended learning involves independent learning by students, it motivates students to take the initiative and makes them responsible lifelong learners.

So, to summarize.


Blended learning is not some boring classroom lecture and hours of online homework

What is blended learning Optimized learning that combines exciting live learning activities with rich online learning opportunities Considering this, how can my child benefit from blended learning?

3 Benefits of Blended Learning that will change the way your child learns, and the way parents want to learn!

Every child is unique, so it makes sense that their learning style is unique too

According to psychologists, there are actually 4 different learning styles, including

Visual. Learn best through visuals

Auditory type. Learn best through hearing or talking

Written. Learns best through text

Kinesthetic. Learns best through physical exercises

With so many ways to learn, how do you make sure your child learns in the best way possible?

The following blended learning styles can help

Children who learn through visual or written text can benefit greatly from online videos and learning materials.

Children who learn by hearing can benefit from online webinars and in-person instruction.

Finally, children who are kinesthetic learners can benefit from hands-on projects and activities.

No matter what your child's learning style is, blended learning is great for them. By learning in the way that works best for them, your child can get the most out of any learning experience.

It sucks to raise your hand and not get named by the teacher. alpha science classroom research shows that low participation in the classroom makes children less enthusiastic about learning.

With blended learning, your children have more ways to interact with the teacher and learning materials. Use science experiment kits for kids to answer questions and reinforce learning in creative ways.

In addition, children who are typically shy in the classroom can be more comfortable answering questions in a virtual environment than they would not be in the classroom.

Learn to create a learning plan that works for you and at your own pace!

We've all experienced the pressure of having to turn in an assignment on time or having to finish a book by a certain date.

Learning should be fun, and the stress and anxiety of having to keep up with peers are not fun, especially for children.

Blended learning helps because it is asynchronous. In other words, it allows children to learn at the pace they are capable of, rather than at the pace they are required to.

Science geek kids can skip ahead and check out the interesting science facts in the Alpha science classroom, while slower learners don't have to worry about falling behind.

Online learning materials are flexible - if kids miss a concept, they can replay the video, and they can even clarify concepts they don't quite understand on the Internet!

After learning at home and at their own pace, children return to the classroom with an improved understanding of what they know.

What if my child's school does not use blended learning?

While blended learning is great for your child's development, not every school offers such a learning experience.

Here's the catch - using the myriad of tools available online, parents can plan their own blended learning experiences for their children

As mentioned above, the components of blended learning include.

Face-to-face classes

Online learning materials

Hands-on learning activities

In-person instruction. Your child's regular schooling should be sufficient.

Online learning materials. There is a library of educational videos on Youtube, but remember to fact check them before showing them to your child!

Hands-on learning activities. You can purchase or find a number of children's science experiment kits or science experiment projects on the internet to enhance your child's learning (for example, do a volcano explosion experiment while your child is learning about dinosaurs)

This may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be!

Alpha science classroom's blended learning solution is all about combining the benefits of blended learning and bringing a quality children's science experiment kit to your doorstep. Learn science effectively through fun video adventures and follow through with hands-on experiments!

Learn science effectively with

- Multiple interactive science adventure animations

- Quizzes and mini-games to keep kids engaged

- Hands-on experiment kits to reinforce learning, shipped monthly to your doorstep


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