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Cultivating teenagers' scientific quality with classical puzzle toys

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This morning, the China Youth Science and technology counselors Association held a science and technology education seminar and a donation ceremony of China Youth Science and technology counselor magazine in Beijing.

Classical toys are made up of imposition toys, loop toys, assembled toys, mapping toys, conformal toys and intelligence containers. As a powerful country in ancient mathematics, China is one of the brilliant crystals of Chinese traditional culture. It involves many subjects such as topology, geometry, graph theory and operations research in modern mathematics. So far, it has attracted much attention from mathematics. Dr. Joseph Needham, a member of the famous British Royal Association, called seven in the history of science and technology in China. It is "one of the oldest pastime in the East"; the Japanese Journal of Mathematical Science commends Huarong road as "one of the three wonders of the intellectual game", even the "magic of the donkey", an intellectual toy that has been popular in the west, and the American guru Martin Gardner thinks that the spirit comes from the "four happy people" in China...

The experts of the conference believe that the unique challenge and intelligence of the classical puzzle toys are unique in cultivating young people's scientific thinking mode today. The unique form of their teaching and learning is not only cultivating the perseverant exploration and studying spirit of young people, but also improving their logical thinking level and movement of observation, thinking, imagination and so on. Hand ability. It plays an excellent role in promoting the quality and ability of young people in all aspects of psychology, science and technology, especially mathematics, and arousing their desire for knowledge and creative spirit. In addition, the classic puzzle toy is also an ideal equipment for popularizing science and education. It has the advantages of less investment, wide adaptability, easy popularization and so on.

In order to provide guidance information for scientific and technological education activities in western regions, and to promote the development of science and technology education in western regions, the Chinese youth counselor association has initiated and initiated activities to donate popular science to the western regions. The activities have been actively responded and loved by the China Science and Technology Museum, the China Association of science and Technology Association, the Chinese Dialectics of nature, the Ningbo city of Li Xin's scientific and technological activities service center, the Beijing corrier innovation culture development center, the Shenyang youth creation fund, the Beijing light green source bioengineering technology company and so on A total of 1400 schools in the western region and other areas were presented to China's science and technology education magazine in 2007.


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