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There are many amazing and magical phenomena that hide in our living environment such as colorful crystals and discolored paper.
Do the kids know? Science is all around us, Many scientific phenomena are not found in the laboratory. There are many amazing scientific phenomena in our daily life.
There are many beautiful marine creatures swimming and floating in sea water.
Buzzing flies, disgusting maggots, slippery slugs, and other common insects were seen in the daily life may make you sick,
When you see those dazzling diamonds and crystals, do you want to know where they came from and how long they took?
Some of the green slimes look disgusting, some of the slimes looks like a pearl, and some of the slimes glow in the dark.
From chirping of insects, singing of birds and murmuring of creeks in nature to traffic and construction noise in cities, can you here different sounds every where?
Tel: +86-13223745050
Manufacturer: XinXiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd.
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Brand Series

  • Super Amazing Scinence

      In daily life, there are some magical thing that we have not discover, such as the snowflake in summer, soft ice, color changing paper... These are all incredible. How there can be snowflake in summer? Will it melt ? How the ice be soft? How can the paper change color? Now let us go into Amazing Read More

  • Color Changing Chemical

    The world we live in is so colorful. There are fiery-red flowers, green leaves, colorful clothes, beautiful fireworks… Read More

  • Disgusting Science

    The wonder of nature is that it can bring us unbelievable beauty .In addition ,some ugly creatures also make us feel the miracle of nature.Their growth and reproduction is the embodiment of natural diversity. For these little creatures that we don’t pay much attention to in life,you Read More


    Every child is curious about everything and questions why things are the ways they are,especially about the universe. The nearest celestial body from the earth is the moon.What do you know about moon? Who was the first man to land on th Read More

  • Weather Station

    Where does the rain come from?What direction does the wind blow from?It seems that there is a pair of magical hands creating surprises for our life.They are mysterious but also can be close,sometimes gentle and sometimes manic! As a little scientist,you must go into them and understand them Read More

  • Explore growth of plants

    There is a such creature who has the nature that no expression and can not speak,but its vitality is very strong.These creatures are called plants.Their growth is endowed by a natural force and they also give back to nature through their contributions.Do you know why does it has a variety of forms?L Read More

  • Detective Training Camp

    If you want to be a qualified detective, you should have sharp observations, careful thinking, extensive knowledge, strong psychological quality and so on. This science toy aims to training all the various skills. After finishing the training, you will be a real small detective. Now, you can try to Read More

  • Bubble Making Show

    The castle in the fairy tale can bring us the imagination like dreams. Besides the castle, there are a lot of other interesting things can also bring us fantastic imagination, such as bubbles. Do you like bubbles? The prism bubble looks very beautiful under the sunshine. In the stage, people use the Read More

  • Miracles Of Light And Shadow

    Have you ever caught your shadow under the light? Can you make a rainbow? In the dark, which color do you see most clearly? All of these are the blessings of sun and that is light. Whenever there is light, there is shadow.The light and shadow are good friends. Now let us start to explore the secret Read More

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Manufacturer:XinXiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd
Address: West Of Bei Huan Road, Muye District,
 Xin xiangCity,He Nan Province,China,Post Code 453000