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Best Alpha science toys:Magical physics toys start A scientific journey for American children

Views: 13     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-17      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time:September 17, 2020                      Destination:Germany           

                                                                        Product Type:physical toys                                  Product Quantity:9200 sets, 2500 cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

Recently, Alpha science toys has received OEM demand from the famous American children's educational science toy brand, and produced 9,200 sets of interesting physical toy products for American children, and sent special learning helpers to children who are still unable to study at home. Let the children spend this special period happily, and at the same time get the scientific fun brought by children's physical toys.

As an excellent manufacturer of children's educational science toys, Alpha science toys pays great attention to the education and growth of children around the world, and hopes to provide the most powerful help to children in their growth process. This time, alpha science toy factory received an order from a famous American toy brand. It is a great honor to be able to send the most professional children's educational science toy products and the most interesting physical toys to children in the United State.


Alpha science toy factory held a special contract evaluation and product production planning meeting for this order, during which the marketing, purchasing, research and development, production, quality inspection and other departments. In response to the orders and requirements of children's physical toy products from the famous American toy brand, the work content of each department was rigorously analyzed and discussed. In the end, detailed plans for different environments such as raw material procurement, production standards and processes, product quality inspection methods and standards, and product disinfection and sterilization were agreed upon, which laid a good start for the order for children’s physical toys. At the same time, the order plan was also given to famous American toys. A satisfactory reply from the brand owner.

First of all, the two departments of alpha science toy factory R&D and procurement departments, according to the materials required for the production of children's physical toys, selected the materials in the market that best met customer requirements and American toy safety standards, and carried out sample tests and safety tests. Wait for the safety test to pass before submitting the raw materials to the production department.

After obtaining the raw materials, the production department of Alpha science toy factory has repeatedly confirmed and inspected the production machinery, workshop, process and other processes required for the children's physical toy. After disinfection and sterilization of the workshop, machinery and personnel. The production of children's physical toys has just begun. During the production period, the quality inspection department conducted strict random inspections on the production process and toy products to ensure that each child's physical toy product has a safe and high-quality quality assurance. Finally, under the close cooperation and double guarantee of the production and quality inspection departments, the order for children's physical toys from the famous American toy brand was completed.

After Alpha science toy factory completed the order from the famous American toy brand, it stored the children's physical toy products in the warehouse. The quality inspection department used professional instruments to simulate the box-dropping test of the fully packaged product to ensure that the product was no matter what. Whether it is freight or sea, it can be safe and undamaged.


Finally, after Alpha science toy factory completed the disinfection and sterilization work before shipment, the freight forwarding company of the famous American children's toy brand company finished loading the children's physical toy products and started the transportation work.

Alpha science toy factory completed 9,200 sets of children's physical toys OEM service work for American customers on time. Although the time was very tight, the owners of alpha science toy factory continued to overcome difficulties and completed it as scheduled, because everyone in alpha science toys knew that this time Children’s physical toys are not just a simple cooperation order, but also the best learning help and scientific fun for American children. The most important thing is to send the best comfort and help to those American children who are still in a special moment. Alpha science toy factory hopes that the children's educational sciene toys products produced by it can bring happiness to American children, allowing them to spend the most difficult moments in a time full of laughter and grow into their dream self!


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