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Bath Bombs Set wholesale

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Product packaging: 

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Adult Bath Bomb

This sweet and sexy shower gel contains a rose essential oil scent and is rich in shea butter and coconut oil to care for and relax the skin. When you sit in the bathtub, you will breathe the scent of these aromatherapy products, and suddenly feel a sense of calm sweeping over your body. Relieve stress. Relax and nourish the skin. Just put a bath bomb in your bathtub, and when it dissolves into a soft, moisturizing, aromatic shower gel, you will see it sizzle, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Pure natural plant essential oil has a good nourishing and healing effect on the skin, and the plant fragrance is more elegant and lasting.

All raw materials are natural and organic, and plant pigments have low adhesion and will not cause any harm to your bathtub. All ingredients are completely soluble in water, leaving no residue and easy to clean.

Main ingredients: 

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, cocoa butter, coconut oil, rose oil, and other essential oils.


Lavender, Rose, Orange, Ocean, Lemon, Vanilla, Matcha, Rosemary/customized.


Dino Egg Bath Bombs

100% safe: 

All bath bomb ingredients meet or exceed all safety standards, Ingredients Meet Safety Standards Made of organic and natural ingredients, don't cause allergic reactions. and can be completed safely placed in your child's bathtub.

Will Alpha Science Toys make children's bath time more fun? Put the egg-shaped bath salt bomb in the bathtub and observe the foam and color in the water. The fragrance in the water is stronger and more magical, ensuring that the shower gel can also moisturize and moisturize the child's skin. Fun and healthy experience! Finally, a unique dinosaur model was released! Hatching eggs bubbling dinosaur bath bombs. hiss? dinosaur? Bath bomb? each with a different dinosaur buried inside, and 6 beautiful cards, each describing the history of a different dinosaur. After revealing a dino, try to match up the appropriate card to your dinosaur and learn more about it.


Organic shea butter, baking soda, citric acid, sunflower oil, premium sea salt, essential oils, body-safe color, dinosaur toys.

Scent:Lavender, Rose, Orange, Ocean, Lemon, Vanilla, Matcha, Rosemary/customized

The perfect gift for children! Children will love this colorful egg-shaped bath bomb. Its scent is amazing and it will provide the perfect bath time for children.



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