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Alpha science toys:weird slime toy that brings the different fun for American children

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                                                                                 Delivery time: 2019-07-05                         Destination:America

                                                                                 Product Type: slime toys                           Product quantity: 2000boxes, 55000set,

                                                                                 Export Port: QingDao ;China                     Mode of Transport: By sea

Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd was busy again , After heavy raining . This time Alpha science toys team prepared the most special slime toys set for American children , Alpha producing slime toys comply with strictly production standard and American toy material standard in the process of producing slime toys and packaged slime products ,  Developing and Researching team of Alpha science toys pick up samples to check . and handle professional equipment to test slime toys that is under various environments . to ensure  the quality of slime product what are produced by Alpha science toys . meanwhile also avoid slime products being affected by different environments and temperature differences in transportation.

Slime shipping news photo05-slime games

After Production team of Alpha science toys packaged the slime product .placed them in well-ventilated warehouse in Alpha ,awaiting  transport company to load the goods ,While waiting for the goods to be loaded , Alpha science toys' quality inspection team carried out a box-breaking test on the products to avoid slime toys being affected by bad environment in transportation . To avoid the loss of slime products and to guarantee the quality of the safest slime products for American customers.

 Slime shipping news photo01-slime games

Alpha science toys cooperated transportation company arrived at Alpha factory on time , Workers placed orderly the slime product in the truck, to avoid damage and impact of slime products in transportation ,Alpha science toys prepared 55,000 sets slime toys set for American customer and children ,After quantity of slime products was checked by warehouse team ,production team ,customer represent ,transportation company of Alpha sicence toys , Transportation truck set off qingdao,then they are sailed across ocean to United States.

Slime shipping news photo04-slime games

Alpha science toys'teams have perfectly cooperated to complete the delivery of the products, bringing Alpha science toys' dream of delivering scientific pleasure to children around the world one step closer .

Slime shipping news photo02

Over the years ,Alpha science toys continually is developing new science educational toy ,not only to get profit , Alpha science toys biggest dream is to produce more superior science education toys , can also help children to understand worldwide toy contained in scientific knowledge and fun,let the children can learn scientific knowledge in the play ,promote growth of children to get ability ,Just like slime toys is produced by Alpha science toys ,which help children improve their sensory ability and physical coordination ability, let them grow up in the joy of scientific knowledge and help them become great people in their dreams.

Do children want to be scientists ? there are a lot of fun science knowledge in Alpha science toys’ scientific educational world . children should not watch those boring animations, come to choose their favorite science education toy set ,and find happiness in the ocean of scientific knowledge .


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