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Alpha science toys:Amazing DIY Bath Bomb for Canadian children

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-01      Origin: Site

                                                                               Delivery time:September 1st , 2020                       Destination:Canada           

                                                                               Product Type:DIY Bath Bomb                                Product Quantity:1450 sets, 220 cases,

                                                                               Export Port:  QingDao, China                                Mode of Transport:Shipping

Alpha science toys are actively preparing for the upcoming September procurement festival. Alpha science toy factory have received orders from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Russia, and other countries for educational science toys this week. In particular, one of the Canadian customers cooperated with the Alpha science toys for the first time. They were particularly fond of the DIY Bath Bomb girl's toys produced by Alpha science toy, and customized 1,450 sets of products and send to the Canadian market.

All departments of Alpha science toy Factory are facing with many orders of educational science toys, but Alpha science toy teams still carried out meticulous production cycle planning for product orders in an orderly manner. Since this is the first time to cooperate with this Canadian brand of children's educational science toys, Alpha science toy also attaches great importance to this cooperation opportunity. For the design and production requirements of customized bath salt bombs made by Canadian customers, Alpha science toy factory has also carried out the strict analysis, discussion, and planning for each department. Finally, Alpha science toy sent the DIY Bath Bomb production plan to the Canadian customer and won the high praise from the customer.


Alpha Science Toy Factory follows the production requirements of the DIY Bath Bomb. The purchasing department selects the required materials for the product and selects the safety and harmless raw materials according to the Canada market requirements. After repeated function tests and pretest on the raw materials by the R&D department, finally, we confirmed the final safety raw material and production process.

The R&D department and production department of Alpha Science Toy Factory, faced with different production materials from the past, we adjusted the previous PRODUCTION process of DIY Bath Bomb according to the requirements of the production department to ensure the product quality. Considering the safety of the products, the production department of Alpha Science Toy Factory especially carries out strict disinfection and sterilization work to the production workshop, machines and employees. The R&D department carried out strict sampling inspections on the products during the production of the bath bombs to ensure the quality of the products.

After Alpha science toy factory finished the DIY bath bomb production, product safety inspection, sterilization, product packaging, and box drop tests, etc.Alpha has completed all the work of the production orders of Canadian customers. Finally, the cargo was delivered to the Guangzhou loading port.


The cooperation between Alpha Science Toy Factory and this Canadian brand of children's science toys are very smooth, which lays a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two sides.

For the coming September procurement festival, Alpha science toy factory all will be ready,

We will offer the most high-quality OEM and ODM service for all the educational science toy brands. At the same time, Alpha will create more interesting educational science toys for children all over the world. Alpha science toys help the children realize their dream of science at any time and to be the smartest scientist.


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