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Alpha science toys: What skills do children learn from good science toys?

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Growing children always have a lot of strange questions in their little heads, and parents need to be patient to answer them. Parents want to help their children learn to understand the beautiful world, and they also need good science toys and methods to help their children understand this knowledge.Alpha science toys factory, as an experienced professional toy manufacturer, knows very well what learning skills high-quality scientific toys can bring to their children.

Alpha science toys factory believes that the most important thing to help children learn knowledge is the help and companionship of parents, especially in the process of using scientific toys to explore scientific experiments, but also need the guidance and help of parents. So how to use high-quality scientific toys to help children learn knowledge? How do parents cultivate their children's curiosity to explore science? Next, Alpha science toys factory will give you a detailed explanation.

 Children learn-science toys

1. Pay attention to every questions of the children

"Mom and Dad, why is the moon always following us?" like this, when the children begin to think about how our world is running, parents can take a way to encourage the children to think scientifically when they begin to think about the world. The parents think about how to answer the children, the most important thing is to like the questions raised by the children, and to encourage them to share their views and opinion, so that the ability of the children to think independently.


2. Stimulate the curiosity of children to learn

Alpha science toys factory believes that science begins with human curiosity, especially when children are trained to learn science, and cultivate good atmosphere in which children explore new things. When you bathe your children, you can also let them learn more about science. Parents can wait for their children to ask questions, and you can arouse their curiosity. For example, in children's favorite bath time, ask children why rubber ducks can float in the water, or ask him to think that soap can float? And then there's the parents and the children. Start doing experiments to help children to know answers.


3.Support every step of children's exploration

The interaction between parents and children can appropriately expand the scope of children's learning. As children grow up-that is, when children explore independently, parents can give their children simple advice to expand their exploration goals.

 By asking things like, "what happens if we try to do this?" Or something like that to guide your child.

 Share some of what parents found while exploring-for example, a cobblestone with beautiful stripes. This will make your child know that there are always some things that deserve our attention and investigation.



4.Parents explore things with their children and find the answers


Parents also need to know that they can't be a complete encyclopedia of their children and answer all their questions quickly, which will deprive them of their ability to think about questions. When children ask questions, parents can ask their children "What do you think" or "I'm sorry, I don't know, but we can find the answer together." This effect motivates children to think more and other questions so that parents can explore and find the perfect answer with their children.



5. Give the children enough time and space to explore the answers what they want.


Children can do the scientific experiments over and over again through scientific toys, during which time parents must patiently guide their children and give them the time they need to carry out the experiment. it doesn't matter when they are longer, so that children can try and think. Then there will be the right answer to jump out. Then the children will bear in mind the scientific knowledge they have developed.


6. Parents need to accept that there is often chaotic situation when children explore science


When children begin to explore the world, whether it is exploring outdoors with sticks and mud, or using scientific toys indoors to explore the secrets of water, children can get dirty, prepare an old dress for their children as their experimental clothes, and tell them that it doesn't matter if they get dirty, as long as they're safe. It is very easy for children to carry out scientific experiments and think in a relaxed atmosphere.


 Children learn-science experiments

7. Parents and children work together to learn from their mistakes.


If children use science toys for science experiments, parents are asked to work with their children to investigate what kind of problems there are and what kind of mistakes lead to all kinds of possibilities. These wrong questions can provide you and your children with the opportunity to perfect the idea of scientific experiment, to understand and assume, and to analyze all kinds of possibilities, which are the thinking needed for scientific experiment.


8. Parents should use mobile phone and other electronic devices to the fullest extent possible.


Parents can use mobile phones and camera, take pictures of the beautiful butterflies and birds,

record the chirping of cicadas and the sound of nature, or the use of computer and network information, to learn more about specific phenomena and biological knowledge, help children to learn about their favorite animals, increase the curiosity of the children of different creatures.



9. Parents encouraged the children to record the results of the observations


Writing, painting or taking pictures is an important way to record the results of the exploration,, and these good records allow children to hear and see, question, or discover new things. When your children are concerned about something, such as how flowers grow and how leaves turn yellow. Parents can advise their children to record what they observe, like, "do you want to paint flowers?", "or do you want to take pictures?", "or do you want me to record your findings for you?" This allows children to have the results of finding things, so that children have a good habit of recording the results of scientific experiments.


10. Using high-quality science toys or objects in the home for scientific experiments and explorations


Parents can help their children choose a variety of scientific experimental toy kits like Alpha science toys factory to help them explore the scientific mysteries they want to know, and they can also use simple materials at home to conduct scientific experiments and explorations with their children, and to explore the nature of scientific phenomena with the simplest materials.


If you don't know what materials at home are suitable for scientific experiments? Next,Alpha science toys factory introduce parents to some scientific experiments that can be done using home materials to solve children's questions and find out the answers they want.


Question 1: How is water moving on the stem of a plant?


What you need is: celery or carnation, water, edible pigment.


Usage: Place the stem of celery or carnation in water with certain edible pigment.


Scientific principle: the children can see how the colored water passes through the stem or the stem, and it can be noted how the specific part of the celery stick (called the xylem) draws water from the root like a straw.


Question 2: What object will sink in water and what will float in the water?


What you need: Items that can be put in water (e. g. rubber toys, corks, coins, stones) and plastic buckets or bowls.


Note: Parents ask your children to put different items in water to see what's going on. Then, discuss the concepts of "float" and "sink". Asking, "Do you think this will sink or float in water? What makes you think?"


Scientific principles: children can explore how the size, weight, or other properties of an object affect whether it sinks or floats in the water, and the speed at which it sinks to the bottom or rises to the top.


Alpha science toys factory think a simple scientific experiment is to be able to give the children bring a lot of help, in addition to being able to train the children's thinking ability, practical ability and exploration competence, the most important thing is to let the children to learn is one of the most basic cognitive, let the children in the growth process to determine the most complete the way to learn knowledge, better learning more interesting scientific knowledge, let the children become dream little genius of science.Alpha science toys factory has been engaged in the manufacturing of science toys for many years, which is to provide help for children to learn scientific knowledge all over the world, so that children can truly learn scientific knowledge and grow up happily. Parents who need high-quality science educational toys will go to Alpha science toys factory!Choose the best science toys for your children to help them become the stars of tomorrow!


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