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Alpha science toys:The magical science experiment kit brings summer joy to British children

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-09      Origin: Site

                                                                                   Delivery time:On July 9, 2021                         Destination:England           

                                                                                   Product Type:Science experiment Kits           Product Quantity:12000 sets, 1700cases,

                                                                                   Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Summer is the best season for outdoor exploration and the best learning world for children. As a China educational toys manufacturer, alpha science toys also pays great attention to the growth of children, continuously designing and producing different types of scientific experiment kits for children around the world, helping children learn scientific knowledge and cultivate various abilities. At the same time, alpha science toys also bear the responsibility of helping global toy brands produce high-quality products, and have won the trust of global partners.

Recently, alpha science toys have won a product order from a British toy brand, and customized 12,000 sets of science experiment kits, hoping to create a perfect scientific summer camp for British children.

After receiving the demand from the British toy brand, the marketing manager of Alpha science toys conducted a video conference on the details.


The marketing manager sorted out the various needs of the British customers and sorted out a simple order plan form. In the later product order meeting, it was shared with purchasing, R&D, production, quality inspection, and other departments. At the same time, each part also put forward their own opinions according to the product requirements and established a rigorous science experiment kit product time plan, which was recognized by the British toy brand. Soon, Alpha science toys factory got the product inspection qualification report of the science experiment kit and completed the preliminary preparation plan for the product.

During the period, the production department and quality inspection department of the alpha science toys factory deployed and inspected the equipment, production line, workshop, and personnel required for production, and disinfected and sterilized the workshop and production line. After the production department got the materials, it quickly allocated the production lines and opened 3 different production lines at the same time. During the science experiment kit production process, the quality inspection department carried out sampling tests in accordance with EU standards to ensure the quality of each product. The quality and safety have reached a unified standard, laying a solid foundation for the overall quality of alpha science toys products.


After the last box of products has been tested, the alpha science toys factory has completed the product order for the British toy brand. After 12,000 sets of science experiment kit products were safely loaded on the customer's freight representative car, the alpha science toys factory once again sent the best scientific learning assistance to British children. As an excellent China educational toys manufacturer, this is the happiest thing. Alpha science toys hope to send summer joy to British children and have a beautiful day.


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