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Alpha science toys: The magical physical toys bring summer joy to British children

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-06-04      Origin: Site

                                                                                Delivery time:June 4th, 2020                               Destination: England          

                                                                                Product Type:educational science toys               Product Quantity:23000 sets, 3800 cases,

                                                                                Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

Why did the ball bounce off the ground? Why paper planes can fly? There are many children who have questions about different physical phenomena. All of the answers can be found in this physical science toy. Alpha science toys as an excellent manufacturer of children’s educational science toys who knows very well the educational significance of physical toys for children. High-quality children’s physical toys allow children to learn physical science while playing. Alpha science toys continuously design and produce various kinds of children’s educational toys. Therefore, we have been the trust and long term cooperation of the partners of British children’s educational toys.

When Alpha science toys receive the order from the British partner, all of the team of Alpha science toys have a meeting to talk about the questions of this order. We have drawn up a detailed plan for procurement, production, testing, and shipping to ensure that 23,000 physical toys are delivered to British partners on time.

Alpha science toys-Physical toy

The R&D team of Alpha science toys factory does some strict safety tests on the raw materials of the physical toy. After confirming the safety of the raw materials, the production team of Alpha science toys factory started the production of the physical toy. Alpha science toys factory’s R&D team and quality inspection team carry out strict sampling inspection on finished toys in the production process to ensure the quality and safety of physical toys that are a toy manufacturer's responsibility.

Although the weather is hot, Alpha science toys factory workers still keep a serious attitude to work, and every production link is strictly required. The production team quickly completed the production order. At the last stage, the quality team carried out a destructive test on the packing of the products. All products will be stored in the warehouse waiting for transportation.

Alpha science toys- UK shipment-science toys

Alpha science toys factory provided the insulated canvas cover to ensure that the physical science toy products of British partners would not be baked by the sun during transportation and ensure the safety of the products.

Alpha science toys factory will produce more educational science toys for children to help them learn more interesting science knowledge so that they can grow up happily and healthily and create a better world.


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