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Alpha science toys:The Magical physical science kits brings science fun to American children

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-08      Origin: Site

                                                                                   Delivery time:On May 8, 2021                        Destination:America           

                                                                                   Product Type:physical science kits                 Product Quantity:6500 sets, 2300cases,

                                                                                   Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Science is an important way for human beings to explore the earth, and it is also an important way for children to grow up. As a famous manufacturer of educational science toys, Alpha Science Toys has produced a variety of educational science toys so that children can learn scientific knowledge in a happy atmosphere, which has won the love and pursuit of the educational science kits market. This order comes from a well-known toy store in the United States, which has ordered 6500 sets of children's physical science kits, hoping to bring the fun of science to every American child.

First of all, the marketing manager of Alpha Science Toys Factory had a video conference with the American toy store customer. They are communicated with outer packaging, production process, testing report, time cycle, and transportation mode of the physical science tool kit. The marketing manager customized the safest and fastest opinions for the customer. It has been recognized by American customers.


In the product order meeting, I shared the product requirements of American customers' physical science kits to the departments of procurement, research and development, design, production, and quality inspection. After discussion, I developed the most perfect product production plan for American customers.

There are many toy components in the customized physical science kits from the American toy store. To solve these problems, the Alpha Science Toys Factory procurement department selected the components in the market that meet the safety standards of American toys according to the requirements and delivered them to the R & D department for a safety test.

Samples were sent to safety inspection agencies for more rigorous product testing, and Alpha Science Toys Factory's physical science kits received a safety inspection report.

In the process of preparing materials, Alpha Science Toys Factory's production department adjusted the production equipment, sterilized the production workshop and staff, carried out strict sampling inspection on the number of components, product content, and outer packaging, unified product quality standards, and presented the quality of children's educational science toys to customers.

As scheduled, Alpha Science Toys Factory completed the order of 6,500 sets of physical science kits from the US toy store. Before waiting for the arrival of the shipping work, the quality inspection department conducted a spot check to compare the quality, QR code, HS code, and other details of the products.


Finally, to ensure the safety of the product transportation, we carried out the crash-breaking test and completed all the work at the agreed time.

Alpha Science Toys Factory has added a new achievement in the manufacturing of children's educational science toys, and at the same time has taken a step forward to become a high-quality enterprise in the global educational science toys market.

Alpha Science Toys hopes that the physical science kits produced by Alpha Science Toys can bring special scientific fun to American children so that children can understand various phenomena of physics, learn the knowledge and magic mysteries, cultivate their abilities, and make science full of laughter.


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