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Alpha science toys:The Magical Crystal Growing Kits sends science magic to American children

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-15      Origin: Site

                                                                               Delivery time:On August 15, 2020                       Destination:America           

                                                                               Product Type:Crystal Growing Kits                       Product Quantity:12000 sets, 2000 cases,

                                                                               Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

In the hot weather during summer vacation, children cannot enjoy activities outdoors, they can only stay at home, and cannot go to school to conduct interesting science experiments with their friends. For this reason, Alpha science toys, a brand partner of science kits for kids in the United States, has customized 12,000 sets of children's crystal growing kits for American children, hoping to send the most helpful science kits for kids for American children's holidays, so that children can enjoy the fun of science at home.

After Alpha science toy factory received the order requirements from American brand partners, the marketing team united five departments including R&D, production, quality inspection, procurement, and warehousing. Regarding the order for children’s crystal growing kits from the American partner, each team followed up with customer needs and carried out various aspects including raw material procurement, raw material safety inspection, production technology, production standards, quality inspection methods, disinfection methods, and transportation options. Strict OEM program formulation. In the end, each team also strictly controlled the time of each link. After all the plans were finalized, they were fed back to the science kits for kids' brand partners in the United States. It demonstrates the professionalism and service concept of the alpha science toy factory as a manufacturer of science kits for kids.

Alpha science toys:Crystal-Growing- Kits

Some parents think that some of the raw materials in the children's crystal growing kits have a certain impact on children's health. For this reason, the Alpha science toy factory procurement team has carried out a large number of purchases, after the R&D team has repeatedly confirmed the safety of different materials, they have selected the safest and non-toxic raw materials, hoping to send the safest science kits for kids to American children. The production department of Alpha science toy factory did not start production work immediately after obtaining the production materials. Instead, the newly purchased ultraviolet disinfection tools were used to disinfect and sterilize the production workshop and production machines. The production staff also wore professional protective work clothes. Finally, the strict production of children's crystal growing kits began. During the production period, the quality inspection team will conduct strict sampling inspections every time a certain quantity is produced to ensure that every production link and product quality of the product has double quality assurance.

Finally, the alpha science toy factory completed the production of the children's crystal growing kits as scheduled. The R&D team tested the product materials and the safety of the experiment, and the production team conducted a box drop test on the product packaging. After getting the confirmation from the two teams, the storage team placed the American children's crystal growing kits products in the storage and performed the final disinfection before transportation.

In the hot weather, the workers of the alpha science toy factory carried the children's growing kits to the vehicle and placed it in accordance with the work requirements. In such bad weather, every worker is very serious about handling the work, because every one of the Alpha science toy factory has the dream and goal of making science fun for children around the world.

Alpha science toys:Crystal-growth- -products- loading

This global crisis has also brought a lot of impact to children, which is why alpha science toys continue to create children full of scientific knowledge and fun for science kits for kids around the world, no matter what difficulties they encounter.

This cooperation between alpha science toys with the American science kits for kids brand. Everyone at Alpha science toy factory is very pleased to be able to send the best comfort and help to American children who are facing life challenges. Hoping that these children's crystal growing kits will bring scientific fun, so that children can grow up in a happy atmosphere and survive this disaster.


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