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Alpha science toys: The introduce of our Alpha Sales Team

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Alpha science toys has grown and studied in the field of scientific educational toys for 11 years. In order to make science into children’s childhood, Alpha keeps trying to learn science knowledge and uses their rich experience of scientific educational toys with professional R&D turning the boring scientific experiment into a wonderful happy classroom.


With the development of scientific educational toys, Alpha science toys also have young partners to join us, to give us more creativity and motivation so that our team can become more professional and mature. At the same time in order to give our Alpha’s customers professional services, our team restructured into different small group. Let every child who use our products feel the fun and get knowledge even children all over the world also can feel fun and charm from science.

Let’s introduce each Alpha’s member to you.

Supernova.Foreign trade team_

Supernova, this team consist of four beautiful girls who works in the Asian and African region. They have rich experience and know better about the different needs and preference of Scientific educational toys in this market. Their slogan is Just do it.

Always online.Foreign trade team_

Always online, This team mainly responsible for the European market of scientific educational toys, they are very familiar with the hot market in every country in Europe, at the same time they know better about the needs of different ages. Their slogan is Fighting Fighting Fighting.

Foreign trade team_

Winner, this team also consist of four beautiful girls they’re in charge of American scientific educational toys market and they know better about the sale of products in various parts of the Americas. What’s more, the needs of different ages. Their slogan is To do the most, to show the best.

.Foreign trade team_

S.H.I.E.L.D, this team is the core department, six partners are responsible for Art design, Alibaba, Amazon, Company website and Social media. They are mainly job is to help customers and children to know more about Alpha Science toys, they give our sales team the greatest help and support, just like S.H.I.E.L.D, who can give the best help for every Superhero. Their slogan is Yes, we can.

Alpha has grown over the 11 years and our team is becoming more mature and professional, although we met various obstacles and difficulties in our work. We will try our best to provide the best service for customers and give children the best scientific educational toys. Our target is so simple: we are willing to contribute our share to the bright future of our children. Alpha looks forwards to working with you to make a colorful childhood with scientific pleasures.


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