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Alpha science toys:The gorgeous girls art kit brightens the fun life of American children

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-08      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time: March 8rd, 2021                      Destination:America           

                                                                        Product Type:art kits for girls                         Product Quantity:2210 sets, 226cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

In 2021, Alpha Science Toys continued to deepen the cooperation with well-known brand partners in the United States. The order of 2210 sets of art kits for girls is a new product jointly developed by both parties. Both parties hope to jointly develop new areas of the American children's educational toys market so that more children can enjoy the fun and advantages brought by educational toys. At the same time, the two sides also hope to send special educational toys to American children during this special time in the United States, so that the gray sky can be lit up with brilliant colors for children.

After receiving this order, Alpha Science Toys business manager communicated with the American brand customers about all the details of product production and confirmed the design, raw materials, and product testing requirements. At the same time, Alpha Science Toys Factory discussed and planned the production process in the product order meeting, which was recognized by American brand customers.


The purchasing department of Alpha Science Toys Factory has specially selected the raw materials that meet the requirements of cosmetics and food grade in the market according to the raw materials requirements of this product. The R & D department has carried out strict safety tests on raw materials in accordance with international safety standards. After confirmation, we will classify the raw materials and send them to the production department to prepare the mass production.

In the process of material selection, the production department of Alpha Science Toys Factory strictly sterilizes the production workshop, production line, production equipment, and personnel according to the production requirements of the art kits for girls. we will make sure that there's no pollution problem for United States art kits for girls in the production process. Alpha Science Toys Factory production department and quality inspection department strictly check the outer packaging, components, product material weight, and other points of the art kits for girls in the production process, so as to avoid quality problems in the production process. Alpha Science Toys Factory makes sure there's no defective product in the cargo.

Finally, after receiving the product safety inspection report, Alpha Science Toys Factory loaded 2210 sets of art kits for girls' products and delivered them to the customer's forwarder, complete the product order on time.


Alpha Science Toys believes that children should not lack the fun and help of children's educational toys during a special time. Therefore, Alpha Science Toys Factory also wants to send the safest and most fun art kits for girls to American children through cooperation with American brands to help them through this special time.

In the end, Alpha Science Toys Factory hopes that with the help of colorful and fun toys, the children will still keep the innocent smile, grow up healthily, and become the smartest scientists.



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