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Alpha science toys:The Fantastic detective kits for kids is especially fun for Swedish children

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-29      Origin: Site

                                                                                Delivery time:On August 29, 2020                       Destination: Sweden           

                                                                                Product Type: Detective kits for kids                   Product Quantity:8500sets, 450 cases,

                                                                                Export Port:  QingDao, China                               Mode of Transport:Shipping

September is the peak of global purchasing, the busiest time in different markets around the world. During this period, all teams of Alpha Science Toy Factory have made full preparations to receive orders of children's educational science toys products from all over the world.

Alpha Science Toys has received an order of customized children's detective kits for kids from Swedish customers. We hope to send special holiday gifts to Swedish children so that they can enjoy the fun and help brought by science on special occasions.

Alpha science toy factory in Sweden after customer detective kits for kids, according to the different requirements of the order, the joint relevant department has carried on the thorough meeting children's educational science toys product order, Alpha science toy factory teams hold the meeting around the materials, production technology, detection means, cycle time, delivery time and so on a series of problems, and carried on the thorough communication and plan.


After finalizing the production plan of the educational science toys, the plan was submitted to the client in Sweden, which won the client's praise and trust.

Alpha Science Toy Factory product development team and marketing team, according to the product raw material needs, especially choose safe and non-toxic product raw materials, especially with the production department to determine the safest production process and process.

The production department of Alpha Science Toy Factory carries out strict disinfection and sterilization for workshops, machines, and personnel to ensure the safety of each product before production.

After the preliminary preparation, the production of the detective kits for kids was started. During the production process, the quality inspection team carried out a sampling inspection on the products, constantly paying attention to the quality rate of the products and ensuring the quality of the products.

After the production was completed, the alpha Science Toy Factory quality inspection team conducted a strict box breaking test on the detective kits for kids, to ensure that the wrong packing method would not cause damage to the product during the transportation work.

Finally, the storage team of Alpha Science Toy Factory disinfected the detective kits for kids before they were put into storage, and placed the products on the wooden bottom to prevent the products from being affected due to the weather.


Alpha Science Toy Factory completed the detective kits for kids of Swedish customers as scheduled. In the production process of educational science toys products this time, Alpha Science Toy Factory also gained good experience and accumulated rich detective kits for kids to start thinking.

Despite the slow growth of the global economy, all the teams of Alpha Science Toy Factory are still working on the production of interesting scientific toys for children around the world, hoping to bring the best comfort and help to children around the world at a special moment.

Alpha Science Toys create scientific fun for children all over the world, open their smart brains, and help children become future scientists.




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