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Alpha science toys:The Crystal Growth Kit delivers a summer crystal world to American children

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                                                                                   Delivery time:On May 19, 2021                        Destination:America           

                                                                                   Product Type:Crystal Growth Kit                     Product Quantity:12000 sets, 2000cases,

                                                                                   Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

In summer, how can children lack the company of interesting kids' educational toys? Alpha science toys, as an educational toy manufacturer, has prepared interesting educational toy sets for children. And alpha science toys' recent orders came from local toy brands in the United States, customizing 12000 sets of Crystal Growth Kit for American children, hoping to send American children a fun world of crystal science to help them through the summer.

Alpha science toys factory received the American toy brand for the customer demand of alpha science toys crystal products, the two sides through video conference, on the product content, product report, outer packaging design, price, transportation way and other issues of communication. The marketing manager arranges the customer demand, in the crystal growth kit product order meeting, has shared with the research and development, the purchase, the production, the design, the quality inspection and so on the department, finally has combed the specialized production plan schedule for the American toy brand customer, has obtained the customer's affirmation and the praise.

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Alpha science toys factory R & D and purchasing team tested the existing raw materials for American toy safety standards, selected high-quality raw materials in the market, made samples of crystal growth kit, sent to well-known product testing institutions, and carried out strict product testing. To ensure product safety, through the product safety inspection report, the next step of production.

Alpha science toys factory design department, in the raw material preparation stage, according to the customer's crystal growth kit packaging color box requirements, the design, version, sample typing, and other work. At the same time, 3D sampling work was performed for the required components, and the preliminary preparation work was completed.

Alpha science toys factory Production Department debugged the equipment and reinstalled the production line, and disinfected the workshops, equipment, and personnel in accordance with the international health and safety standards to ensure that there are no health risks. In the production process of the crystal growth kit of American toy brand customers, the production and quality inspection departments strictly monitored the problems of material packaging, sealing, components, and others, to ensure that there is no quality and quality impact.


After intensive production, the Alpha science toys factory completed the crystal growth kit agreed by the American toy brand as scheduled. After loading the product into the transport vehicle,12000 sets of crystal growth kits set out towards the United States.

Alpha science toys factory, as a of kids' educational toy manufacturers, will continue to move towards the dream of making science fun for children around the world. This special summer gift for American children, hope, can let American children enjoy the joy and knowledge brought by science, healthy and happy growth, as bright as crystal.


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