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Alpha science toys: the best science toys for kids to start the New Year joy for American children

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                                                                                 Delivery time:December 2, 2022                     Destination:United States

                                                                                 Product Type:science toys for kids                  Product Quantity: 23000sets, 3500 cases,

                                                                                 Export Port:Qing Dao, China                           Mode of Transport:Shipping

As Christmas is coming, Alpha science toys factory has received 23,000 sets of children's science toys for kids sets from the American toy brand, and through meticulous communication and professional cooperation, both sides soon made a detailed product production plan schedule, which laid a good start for the cooperation. will strive to produce as high quality products for the American toy brands, and also send the first science toys for kids gift for American children in the New Year, so that the children can spend Christmas with joyful laughter.

Alpha science toys factory has been cooperating with American toy brands for many years and both sides have rich experience in cooperation. American toy brands have special shelves in major supermarkets and have very strict standards for product quality.

Alpha science toys After receiving the product order from the American toy brand, Alpha science toys convened five departments, including project, procurement, R&D, production and quality control, to have a video conference with the American customer for science toys for kids product order, and each department analyzed the work content and plan according to the customer's requirements, and determined the final delivery time and shipping method and other details, showing the China educational toy manufacturer. We demonstrated the professionalism and capability of Chinese educational toys manufacturer.


Alpha science toys factory for this child science toys for kids product requirements, the procurement department also specifically to find a safer product raw materials, together with the R & D department of science toys for kids products required a variety of raw materials for safety testing, while making samples, sent to professional testing institutions, the United States STEM Toys safety standards testing, to obtain the authoritative safety report We obtained authoritative safety reports. The final selection of safe raw materials for the science toys for kids set laid the foundation for quality and safety.

Alpha science toys factory production department, during the procurement department to purchase raw materials and safety testing, also specifically according to the product production rules, production workshops, production equipment and personnel were sterilized to ensure product health and safety. The production department and the quality inspection department conducted strict random checks during the production of science toys for kids products to ensure that the quality of the same batch of products was above international toy standards.

Alpha science toys factory finished the production of science toys for kids as scheduled, and the products also passed the strict drop box test and were successfully handed over to the shipping representative of the American toy brand at night.


Alpha science toys factory successfully completed the OEM production of 23,000 sets of science toys for kids for the American toy brand, and the teams gained a wealth of experience and product design ideas during the production process. The BIG BANG SCIENCE brand that gave Alpha science toys also added many toy development ideas, and also helped the customer to complete the product development work, completing the OEM professional services of a China educational toy manufacturer.

The year 2022 is a brand new time full of hope for children around the world. Alpha science toys hopes that this time the products from the American toy brand will open a new starting point for product sales, and at the same time send the best science learning assistants to children around the world to spend the most joyful Christmas memories.


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