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Alpha science toys: The best magic water elf kit sends special "sea breeze" to German children to dispel the heat

Views: 22     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-15      Origin: Site

                                                                                              Delivery Time:July 15, 2023                   Destination:Germany

                                                                                              Product Type:Magic Water Elf Kit          Product Quantity:45000sets, 5300 cases,

                                                                                              Export Port:Qing Dao, China                 Mode of Transport:Shipping

In the hottest summer, children can't go outdoors for activities, so interesting children's science educational toys have become the best entertainment assistants for them to spend the boring summer at home. And how could Alpha science toys, a professional China educational toy manufacturer, be absent? Recently, Alpha Science Toys received 45,000 sets of magic water elf kits customized by German toy brands. For this reason, each team of Alpha Science Toys jointly formulated a detailed and professional children's science experiment toy production plan and strived to produce high-quality toys for German toy brands. The products let German children learn the magical knowledge of marine life while entertaining, making this hot summer full of scientific fun.

Alpha science toys factory has cooperated with German toy brands for many years, and both parties have rich cooperation experience. German toy brands have special product shelves in major supermarkets and have very strict standards for the quality of magic water elf kit products. To this end, the two parties conducted a video conference, during which the two parties conducted detailed communication on product production technology, packaging design, delivery time, and payment methods, and determined various matters of product order cooperation.


According to the needs of customers, the marketing department of Alpha science toys factory held an order meeting for children's science educational toys. Each department discusses and analyzes according to the requirements, quickly formulates a professional magic water elf kit production plan for the customer, and demonstrates the professional ability and rich experience of the China educational toy manufacturer to the customer.

For the publicity of raw materials, Alpha science toys factory's research and development and procurement departments are very serious, especially select a variety of raw materials for safety testing, and finally selecting the safest and high-quality raw materials in the children's educational toy market, make magic water elf kit samples, and send them to customers Confirm the product at the office, and at the same time send the sample to a professional product testing agency for the EU toy safety standard test to obtain a professional and authoritative product test report. After a series of material preparations were completed, Alpha science toys factory started the production of magic water elf kit products. At the same time, it also showed the quality attitude of Alpha science toys as a China educational toy manufacturer to German customers.

According to the plan, the Alpha Science Toys factory production and R&D team prepared the production line, equipment, and workshop required for the production of the magic water elf kit for disinfection, sterilization, and pest control. In the process of starting the production of the magic water elf kit, the two departments of production and quality inspection carried out strict supervision and random inspection respectively to ensure that the magic water elf kit products have no quality problems and avoid any potential safety hazards. For German toy brand customers and German children, send products whose safety and quality meet EU standards.

Before placing the magic water elf kit products in the warehouse, the warehousing department of Alpha science toy factory specially inspected the outer packaging and labels of the products. Meticulous disinfection and sterilization work is waiting for the arrival of the freight representative of the German children's educational science toy brand.


Before the magic water elf kit is handed over, Alpha science toy factory will take photos and videos before handing it over to the freight company, so that German customers can know the status of the product before delivery as soon as possible, so that customers can understand the situation of the product during transportation. Give customers the best quality service, and let customers see the professionalism of a China educational toy manufacturer such as alpha science toys, let alpha science toys global customers see the work we are doing with our hearts, and give customers the safest cooperation atmosphere.

In the end, the first cooperation between Alpha science toys and a German children's educational science toy brand was successfully completed, and 45,000 sets of magic water elf kit products were delivered to the customer's freight representative as scheduled. Here, Alpha science toys partners are one step closer to our goal of "creating scientific dreams for children around the world". We hope that this magic water elf kit product can help children learn and grow happily and spend a brand new life. Happy Summer 2023.

Alpha science toys factory, as a China educational toy manufacturer with responsibilities and dreams, will continue to manufacture more interesting and scientific educational toys for children around the world in the future, helping children learn science and helping those who love science Children, plant the seeds of science and grow into excellent scientists in the near future, helping our beautiful earth to become happier and happier.


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