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Alpha science toys: the best DIY magic water elf to start the New Year science fun for American children

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-27      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time:December 27th, 2022          Destination:America

                                                                        Product Type:DIY magic water elf             Product Quantity: 32000sets, 5200 cases,

                                                                         Export Port:Qing Dao, China                    Mode of Transport:Shipping

In the last week of 2022, when people around the world were still enjoying the Christmas holidays, Alpha science toys received 32,000 sets of DIY magic water elf sets agreed upon by the American toy brand. As the last order of 22 years, Alpha science toys did not relax its requirements for quality, and still strictly followed the production standards, providing customers with professional OEM professional services as a professional. Demonstrate the ability and reputation of a quality China educational toy manufacturer. We strive to do our job well and send the first gift of children's science experiment toys to American children in the New Year so that they can start a new chapter in 2023 with the sound of joyful laughter.

Alpha science toys After receiving the DIY magic water elf product order from the American toy brand, Alpha science toys factory convened five departments, including R&D, purchasing, quality control, production, and marketing, to have a video conference with the American customer for the DIY magic water elf product order. During the conference, detailed communication was made regarding the product design, material, production process, and quality standard, and each department made a strict During the meeting, we had a detailed communication about the product design, material, production process, and quality standard, and all departments made a strict product production time plan according to the customer's requirements, which showed the professional ability of the China educational toy manufacturer for the customer.


Alpha science toys factory, in response to the product requirements of the children's science experimental toys, the purchasing department also searched for safer and more environmentally friendly raw materials in the children's educational toys market, and together with the R&D department, conducted safety tests on a variety of raw materials required for children's science experimental toys. At the same time, we sent our products to well-known product testing organizations for toy safety testing in the United States to obtain authoritative product safety reports. Finally, Alpha science toys factory evaluated the high safety quality of the DIY magic water elf samples, which were recognized by professional institutions and trusted by customers, laying the foundation of quality and safety for this DIY magic water elf set.

Alpha science toys factory production department also carried out disinfection and sterilization of the production workshop, production equipment, and personnel to ensure the hygiene and safety of the products during the procurement department's raw material purchase and safety testing. The production department and the quality inspection department conducted strict random checks during the production of DIY magic water elf products to ensure that the quality of the same batch of products is above international toy standards, adding a new chapter for China educational toy manufacturers in the international toy industry. Alpha science toys factory completed the OEM work of 32,000 sets of DIY magic water elves as scheduled after a busy work schedule. The best products were successfully handed over to the shipping representative of the American toy brand after a strict drop box test.


Alpha science toys factory has also developed many new children's science experiment toy products one after another after 2022 order production experience and learning Planned in 2023 for global toy brand owners and children, presented to children around the world, to help them learn interesting science knowledge, and at the same time for global toy brand owners to show the China educational toy manufacturers OEM and ODM professional services, as well as quality The year 2023 is a brand new time of hope for the world and children, and Alpha science toys hope that the products from American toy brands this time will open a new starting point for product sales, and at the same time send the best science learning assistants to children around the world to enjoy a perfect learning and entertainment time.


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