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Alpha science toys: test tube science toys that explode into American summer life

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-12      Origin: Site

                                                                              Delivery time:May 12, 2022                         Destination:America

                                                                              Product Type:test tube science toys            Product Quantity:11000 sets, .000cases,

                                                                              Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                       Mode of Transport:Shipping

with the summer coming, children's entertainment activities are gradually increasing, how can such a moment lack the company of interesting children's educational science toys? Recently, alpha science toys, an excellent China educational toy manufacturer, received an order from the famous toy brand Chao in the United States to customize 11,000 sets of children's test tube science toys for American children, giving them the best kits to explore science in this cool summer weather.

Alpha science toys have the richest experience and unique design concept for test tube science toys, and also have the relevant patents, this advantage brings alpha science toys many customers' recognition and consumers love.

After receiving the order from the American brand, the Alpha science toys factory had a video conference call with the customer to discuss the details of the test tube science toys products and to draw up the requirements of the product packaging, production process, and toy components.


Alpha science toys factory, in order to do a good job on this test tube science toys products order, specially convened R & D, procurement, production, quality control, business, and other departments, product order meeting, a business manager will be the customer's demand for the product to each part of the detailed explanation, according to the demand of each department also into the analysis, and finally each department respectively for this test tube science toys products production time Finally, each department made a plan for the production time of this test tube science toy product and made a most professional and perfect production time technical book for the customer, which showed the professional and rich experience of China educational toy manufacturing to the American toy brand customer.

Alpha science toys factory pays great attention to product safety and quality. The purchasing department is very strict in selecting the raw materials needed for test tube toys and selects the raw materials that meet the safety and environmental protection in the market. After confirming that the samples are correct, the manufactured samples are sent to internationally renowned product testing institutions for more stringent testing of the U.S. toy safety standards. Finally, test tube toy products passed the U.S. safety testing standards and received a quality test report from the testing agency on test tube science toys, which laid a solid foundation for the quality of this product.

While waiting for the product test report, the production department of the alpha science toys factory carried out strict sterilization work for the workshop, production line, machinery, and personnel to be used to ensure the products meet the safety and epidemic prevention standards before the production work started. During the production process of test tube science toys, the production department worked in strict accordance with the quality standards and cooperated with the quality inspection department to strictly check the quality of products to ensure that the quality of products was kept at a uniform level, so as to complete the product orders from American customers as scheduled.


Alpha science toys factory completed the order of 11,000 sets of test tube science toys agreed by the American toy brand as scheduled after a series of work such as purchasing, production, quality inspection, outer packaging dropbox testing, etc, and delivered the products to the customer's shipping representative as scheduled, proving to the American toy brand super customers the professional attitude and contractual spirit of China educational toy manufacturers. It proved the professional attitude and contract spirit of the China educational toy manufacturer to the American toy brand super customer and drew a perfect conclusion to the cooperation between the two parties.

The summer of 2022 will become sunnier, and alpha science toys factory, as one of the quality China educational toy manufacturers, will still keep developing all kinds of excellent new products to satisfy children's desire to explore the feasibility and learn scientific knowledge, and help realize children's scientific dreams. alpha science toys hope that children will be healthy Alpha science toys hope that children will live happily, grow up to be the greatest scientists, enjoy the fun brought by science, and explore more mysterious science and universe together.


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