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Alpha science toys: test tube chemistry lab, explode the learning of American children

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-19      Origin: Site

                                                                                                Delivery time:March 19, 2022                Destination:America

                                                                                                Product Type:test tube chemistry lab    Product Quantity:12000 sets, 2300cases,

                                                                                                Export Port:  Qing Dao, China               Mode of Transport:Shipping

Alpha science toys factory, a China manufacturer of educational toys, has started to produce a variety of educational toys for children to relieve the pressure of children's studies.

Recently, the famous American toy brand owner reached a cooperation plan with alpha science toys factory and customized 12,000 sets of test tube chemistry lab to send the best learning assistant for American children in the school season, and at the same time, send the blessing and help from the China educational toy manufacturer to the children.

After Alpha science toys received the test tube chemistry lab order from the American toy brand, the marketing manager had a video conference with the American customer at first, both sides communicated about the product specification, production process and packaging design answered the customer's questions and reached a preliminary product order plan.

Test-Tube-Chemistry -Lab-finished-products

Later in the order meeting, the marketing manager of alpha science toys, the needs of the American customer, to procurement, research and development, production, quality inspection, etc., each department according to the workflow, raw material procurement, raw material safety testing, production preparation, product quality inspection and other work, jointly developed a time plan and quality and safety standards, showing the professional attitude and rich experience of China educational toy manufacturers We have won the praise and recognition of our American customers.

Alpha science toys factory, the procurement department strictly select the raw materials for the test tube chemistry lab products, provides the raw material samples to the R&D department, and carries out sample production and safety testing work respectively. After confirming the accuracy, the samples are sent to the world-renowned product testing institutions for more stringent US toy safety testing. Finally, the test tube chemistry lab products passed the test and got the quality test report from the testing agency, which laid a valid basis for the quality of the products.

At the same time, the production department of the alpha science toys factory carried out strict sterilization work for the workshop, production line, machinery, and personnel to ensure that the products meet the safety and epidemic prevention standards before the production work started. During the production process of the test tube chemistry lab, the production department worked in strict accordance with the quality standards and cooperated with the quality inspection department to strictly check the quality of the products to ensure that the quality of the products was kept at a uniform level, so as to fulfill the orders from the American customers as scheduled.

Alpha-Science-Toys products-loaded

Alpha science toys factory completed the order of 12,000 sets of test tube chemistry lab products agreed by the American toy brand on schedule after a series of work such as procurement, production, quality inspection, and outer packaging dropbox test, and delivered the products to the customer's shipping representative on time, drawing a perfect end to the cooperation between the two sides.

In 2022, the world is still facing many challenges. alpha science toys factory, as one of the high quality China educational toy manufacturers, will still develop various kinds of excellent new products to meet children's learning needs and realize their scientific dreams. alpha science toys hope that children will live healthy and happy lives and grow up to be the greatest scientists and protect our lovely earth.


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