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Alpha science toys:Suitable Educational Toys for Children of Different Ages

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Alpha science toys believes that it is very important to buy suitable educational toys for the children during their different growing stage. Because children show different interests when learning new skills at different stages of development, finding an educational toys that suits their age means finding a toy which comp up with their age, interests, and skills they have learned. For example, it is very important to ensure the safety of children when they are young. We have to ensure that children will not touch the educational toys which includes too small parts and cause suffocation. Alpha science toys will give parents a detailed introduction of what it is the suitable educational toys for different ages of children.

Educational toys for children aged 1-3-800x600

Educational Toys for Ages 1 to Ages 3

1-3 year olds are full of energy and eager to explore everything around them. They like a variety of physical activities such as pulling, pushing, dragging, knocking, emptying and filling. Young children are curious and like to touch and investigate everything they see. This is a beautiful era of learning, exploring and discovering. Toys suitable for young children are soft plastic toys and glowing toys such as Glow In The Dark toys set. These educational toys encourage young children to release energy and improve their coordination and thinking skills.

Educational toys for children aged 3-5Educational toys for children aged 5-8

Educational Toys for Preschooler kids Ages 3 to Ages 5

3-5 year-old preschoolers like educational toys that stimulate imagination and challenge. The innovative technology of educational toys ensures the fun of children of this age. Educational toys for preschoolers include a wide range of options such as simple test tube science toys, arts and crafts activities, chemical experiment toys, physics lab toys and slime toys set they like.

 Educational toys for children aged 5-8.10

Educational Toys for Ages 5 to Ages 8

Children are very curious at the beginning of elementary school and want to explore, invent, create and conquer. Educational toys for children of primary school age should let them use their imagination. Children at this stage need to calm them down to discover the scientific knowledge in life. There are many types of educational toys for children at this stage, such as scientific toy sets filled with chemistry and physical knowledge, and the detective toy sets which full of mystery. Improve children's thinking and coordination skills.

 Educational toys for children aged 9-12

Educational Toys for Ages 9 to Ages 12

The children at this stage are growing so fast! Educational toys for children from 9 to 12 years old allow children to show their personality. Children love to play complex and exciting games, such as complex and challenging chemical experiment kits, kids can make a variety of flying rockets, or more different kinds of STEM toys and games. These educational toys and games can help children improve their ability to solve complex problems and give children more scientific knowledge.

 Alpha science experiments for kids-- product

Alpha science toys introduces parents to different ages of educational toys, not just the above content. There are many different types of toys and games for choosing, Alpha science toys think that toys and games are not just for children to get fun, but also help children improve their abilities at different stages, helping them to surpass their peers at different stages and grow into the smartest little scientists.

The world of magical educational toys is in Alpha science toys. Come and choose the Suitable Educational Toys for kids to learn and grow!



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