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Alpha science toys: Special Summer Fun of Magical Chemistry Set to American Children

Views: 16     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-20      Origin: Site

                                                                               Delivery time:On August 20, 2020                       Destination:America           

                                                                               Product Type:Chemistry set for kids                   Product Quantity:5200 sets, 1200 cases,

                                                                               Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

During the rainy summer months, American children can't get out of their homes to enjoy the warm sunshine and fine weather in parks. This is a big problem for children who are still growing up. The Alpha Science Toys brand cooperator in the United States realizes this problem and has ordered a Chemistry set for kids and two other science experiments toys for children in Alpha Science Toys, hoping to deliver fun and experimental toys to children at home to help them learn different science knowledge.  

Alpha Science Toy Factory's various departments held product meetings in response to orders for chemical sets for kids from American customers. In the face of the requirements of American customers, the R&D and Marketing Department made detailed plans for the raw materials, color box design, component quantity, packaging, and other aspects of the OEM science experiment toys for children. The production and quality inspection department has provided a complete plan for the chemistry set for kids from the aspects of the production process, time cycle, product testing method, disinfection, and quality inspection. Finally, after confirming the production plan of this OEM product order, Alpha Science Toy Factory sent the plan to American educational science toys brand manufacturers and won the praise of American customers.

Chemical-set-for kids-product

From Alpha science toy factory order contains a small amount of chemical powder and liquid, for research and development and procurement department selected a few from the market the safest and non-toxic materials for a safety test, again and again, finally chose the safest and stable material, ensure that American children in the process of Chemistry set for kids will not be hurt.

Alpha Science Toy Factory understands that the US government has strict standards for science experiment toys, so the Alpha Science experimental toy production department carries out production according to the Standards of the US. The production department also prepared a series of disinfection and safety methods for raw materials, production machinery and workshops, and production staff. In the process of production, the quality inspection department also carried out strict sampling inspection on the chemistry set for kids, so as to ensure the quality of the products ordered by the American brand of educational science toys.

After the final packaging drop test of the finished products by the Alpha Science Toy Factory quality inspection team, the warehouse team disinfect the finished products of the Chemistry set for kids before storage and place the products on the wooden bottom to prevent the products from dampness in the rainy season.


After the orderly and professional loading of alpha Science Toy Factory workers, Alpha Science Toys completed the product order of the American customer for children educational science toys on time and sent the best quality children's chemical suits to the American cooperation brand of children educational science toys.

At this time when the global economy is not so good, Alpha Science Toys still adheres to the great purpose of making science fun for children all over the world, hoping to provide the best psychological comfort and learning tools for the suffering children. The owner of Alpha Science Toy Factory hopes that children all over the world can learn interesting scientific knowledge from childhood, open their brains, make them future scientists, and make the world full of joy.



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