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Alpha science toys: slime toys bring endless joy to American Kids

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-22      Origin: Site

                                                                                 Delivery time: 2019-06-22                         Destination:America

                                                                                 Product Type: slime toys                           Product quantity: 20000boxes, 55000set,

                                                                                 Export Port: Shanghai ;China                     Mode of Transport: By sea

Alpha science toys team is methodically busy preparing superior slime toy sets for American customers in such a hot summer day. Alpha focus on manufacturing slime kit for many years. The slime products that produce by Alpha have been trusted by customers in various counties and have been popular with children all over the world. It is not just because Alpha science toys have the most extensive experience with slime production and a unique magic recipe for slime toys but also because Alpha science toys strictly control the quality of products.

This time, Alpha science toys also pay high attention on the production of slime toys as usual. Due to the influence of hot weather on product quality, the R&D and production teams of Alpha science toys have carried out strict quality control on the recipe and production process. After the production of slime products, Alpha's R&D team and quality inspection team conduct multiple product quality and safety tests to ensure that the product quality of Alpha science toys' slime toys set will not be affected during the hot weather and short transportation.

 Slime shipping news03

When the packing of Alpha science toys' slime toys set has been completed, the production team and the quality inspection team conduct a double box drop test on the outer packaging of the products. All is to ensure that the loss of slime toys in the transportation can be reduced and the products with the best quality can across the ocean to reach the hands of American customers.

Slime shipping news02

In such a hot weather, the workers of Alpha science toys place the slime products neatly on the transport vehicle to ensure that the products can not be squeezed.

 Slime shipping news01

Under the whole busy day, all team members of Alpha science toys closely cooperate with each other as well as ensure the product quality and safety. So that, Alpha has quickly and steadily completed the preparation and delivery of 55,000 sets of slime toys set for American customers. Although everyone feels tired, they are very delightful to bring American children simply and pure joy.

Slime shipping news

Alpha is a professional manufacturer focusing on the production and research and development of educational science kids toys for many years. Alpha knows well science toys can give children what kind of scientific knowledge and pleasure. Over the years, Alpha science toys have been doing every production step of scientific educational toys strictly and earnestly to ensure the quality and safety of products to meet global standards. Even simple slime toys will be treated strictly too. Hopefully, the slime toys set of Alpha science toys will provide American kids with a lot of unique joy, help them improve their coordination ability and sensory ability, let them grow up in the joy and become the smartest little scientists!


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