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Alpha science toys:Send Walmart the most amazing chemical kit for kids

Views: 15     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-03      Origin: Site

                                                                  Delivery time: 2019-09-03                         Destination:America

                                                                  Product Type: chemistry kit                        Product quantity: 450000boxes,

                                                                  Export Port: QingDao;China                        Mode of Transport: By sea

The beginning of September will be the busiest month of the year for Alpha science toys factory, as it is the annual "black Friday" shopping festival in foreign countries.Walmart group, the partner of Alpha science toys factory in the United States, specially orders 450,000 sets of 10 different types of children chemistry kit for the arrival of shopping on black Friday. Although Alpha science toys factory facing America's Walmart group, a large number of product orders is very busy, but the Alpha science toys factory all of the team, for the Walmart custom kit order, chemistry of the different types of children did not, because of the large orders and relaxed standards for product quality, Alpha will continue to high production standards to treat each customer products, for customers to do a good job of OEM and ODM children's toys,Ensure that child chemistry kit can reach customers on time.

 Wal-mart products-chemistry toys

Alpha science toys factory has set up a joint production order group composed of production department, R & D department, customer representative, product quality inspection and other departments joint production order group for 10 sets of Walmart children's chemistry kit product orders, which are specially designed for 10 kinds of children's chemistry kit products customized by Walmart, from R & D, production, to product quality inspection and other different working processes. These processes ensure that 4500,000 sets of children chemistry kit customized by Walmart group are delivered to customers perfectly. 

In the process of the continuous completion of the stressful work plan, the production department completed the order of the chemistry kit product with strict production standards, and after a number of spot check by the department and the quality inspection department, and after the test of the box, more than 10 chemical kit products ordered by the Walmart Group, The orderly placed in the warehouse, waiting for the next transportation working process.

 Wal-mart products-chemistry for kids

Alpha science toys factory workers, strictly in accordance with the customer product handling process, to ensure that Walmart customized children's chemistry kit products in transport to reduce wear and tear, after warehouse and quality inspection department inspection, and the shipping company carried out the handover work, completed the product delivery work.

After a busy day at the Alpha science toys factory staff, the Walmart Group's customized children's chemistry kit product order was completed. In fact, we have repeated similar work many times since the establishment of Alpha science toys factory. But we haven't once relaxed our strict requirements for children's science puzzle toy products, because all partners understand the importance of the job. , Alpha science toys factory is also producing high-quality scientific educational toys for children and making happiness for children around the world. Alpha science toys factory will try to solve whatever difficulties it faces, keep moving forward for everyone's dreams of Alpha science toys factory, and make children's childhood full of happy memories around the world.


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