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Alpha Science Toys: Send Magical Water Elf Kit To America's Children To Beat The Summer Heat With Scientific Fun

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-09      Origin: Site

                                                                     Delivery Time:June 9, 2023                                       Destination:United States

                                                                     Product Type:Magical Water Elf Kit                          Product Quantity:27000sets, 5000 cases,

                                                                     Export Port:Qing Dao, China                                    Mode of Transport:Shipping

Entering summer, children have more time for outdoor and indoor activities. Interesting children's science toys have become children's best learning and entertainment partners. In order to provide American children with the best learning toys, American toy brand 27,000 sets of Magical Water Elf Kits are specially customized at alpha science toys, and Alpha science toys, a high-quality China educational toy manufacturer, also hopes to send interesting scientific toys to American children to help them spend this hot summer and enjoy Science helps and has fun.

Alpha Science Toys Factory has cooperated with American toy brands for many years, and both parties have rich cooperation experience. However, to ensure the product's details and content, the marketing department conducted a video conference with the American toy brand to confirm the detailed requirements of the product.

Later, Alpha Science Toys analyzed the requirements of the Magical Water Elf Kit products for the American children's educational science toy brand for the personnel of each department, and each department conducted a detailed analysis and discussion on the work involved. Finally, the work and time planning for raw material procurement, product R&D and design, product safety testing, production technology, specifications, processes, and product quality inspection methods, and disinfection and sterilization were formulated and fed back to the American customer. After both parties confirmed they were correct, Signed the OEM product production contract details. It shows customers the professionalism and experience of China educational toy manufacturers, and at the same time makes customers feel the service attitude of Alpha science toys.

About The Raw Materials Of The Magical Water Elf Kit

Alpha Science Toys learned about the US government's new product safety and material safety standards for children's toys in response to the product quality requirements of the Magical Water Elf Kit, an American children's educational science toy brand. For this reason, the procurement department and R&D department of alpha science toy factory specially selected safe and non-toxic new materials. After the Magical Water Elf Kit sample test was conducted in the R&D department, the samples were sent to professional quality inspection institutions for safety and quality inspection. After obtaining the professional quality certificate, hand over the raw materials to the production department for the next part of the work.


About Magical Water Elf Kit Production

The production department of Alpha science toy factory, after obtaining the raw materials for Magical Water Elf Kit, coordinated the production workshop, process, and production machinery used in the production process, especially disinfecting and sterilizing the production workshop and workers. During the process, the production department and the quality inspection department conducted strict sampling tests on the semi-finished products and finished products. After ensuring that the quality of the children's Magical Water Elf Kit products remained at a uniform standard, the finished products were handed over to the storage department for safe disinfection and maintenance. Preparation work before transportation.

Storage and Transport of the Children's Magical Water Elf Kit

Before placing the products in the warehouse, the warehousing department of Alpha science toy factory specially inspected the outer packaging and labels of the products. At the same time, after conducting a strict drop test with the quality inspection department, all products were carefully disinfected and sterilized Work, waiting for the arrival of the freight representative of the American children's educational science toy brand. Alpha science toy factory will take photos and videos before handing them over to the shipping company, let American customers know the status of Magical Water Elf Kit products before delivery, let customers understand the real-time situation during product transportation, and give customers the best Excellent service. To show customers the professionalism of a China educational toy manufacturer, and at the same time let Alpha science toys global customers see the work we are doing with our heart, and give customers the safest cooperation atmosphere.


After all, preparations were completed, the cooperation between Alpha science toys and the American children's educational science toy brand was successfully completed, and 27,000 sets of children's Magical Water Elf Kit were delivered to the customer's freight representative as scheduled. It has laid a solid foundation for the next cooperation between the two parties.

In 2023, Alpha Science Toys, a China educational toy manufacturer, hopes to work harder to produce more excellent children's educational toy products after the end of the pandemic and to send learning and entertainment to children in different countries around the world. A good helper, lets children grow up in joy and become future stars in laughter. Alpha science toys hope that the Magical Water Elf Kit products sent to American children this time can make children happier and grow healthier in the hot weather!


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