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Alpha science toys: send interesting educational science toys to French children

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-06-19      Origin: Site

                                                                                Delivery time:June 19, 2020                                Destination: France           

                                                                                Product Type:educational science toys               Product Quantity:35000 sets, 5800 cases,

                                                                                Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

This year's global disaster has made it harder for children to go to school. Although children can receive remote instruction from teachers at home, children lose a lot of time and opportunity to explore knowledge. Alpha science toys see children at home learning lost their original vitality, very can experience this feeling, so continue to work hard for children to design and produce more fun children's educational science toys. As a result Alpha science toys factory also received the French children's educational science toys brand partner high-quality Order, together with French children to send the most interesting educational science toys, to help children at home can also enjoy the fun of scientific knowledge and scientific knowledge.

Alpha science toys:French childrens educational science toy products

Alpha science toy factory after receiving the order of educational science toy products from the french partner, the alpha science toys' s marketing department, R&D department, production department, purchasing department, QC department, and other departments held a product order meeting. First of all Alpha science toy factory the product production cycle, delivery time, a thorough plan, each department on the production process, material preparation, product specifications, inspection standards, product quality requirements grade, packaging materials, and other issues, serious discussion, and planning. The Alpha science toys provide the French brand partners with a controllable detail and quality assurance product production plan for educational science toys, giving trusted alpha science toys customers the greatest safety assurance.

Alpha science toy factory product research and development department and quality inspection department, the first time to educational science toy products raw materials for strict safety inspection and disinfection, to ensure the safety of raw materials and product quality. Alpha science toy factory before production, all production personnel carried out strict disinfection, wearing safety protection measures to ensure workers' own safety and product hygiene. Every worker carries on the product production strictly according to the production standard earnestly, during this period Alpha science toy factory research and development department and quality inspection department respectively carried on the sampling inspection to the educational science toys finished product. Alpha science toy factory all in the hot weather is strictly completed their own job responsibilities, take seriously every child educational science toys products, while ensuring the quality of products, quickly completed the French brand partners order production work.

Alpha science toys:French childrens science toys loaded

Finally, after the Alpha science toy factory quality inspection team tested the carton box of the product, all the educational science toys products were stored in the ventilated warehouse, waiting for the arrival of the international logistics company. During this period, the warehousing team carried out the second disinfection and inspection of the products.

Alpha science toy factory storage team and workers in the hot sun, the French brand of 35,000 sets of educational science toy products loaded into transport vehicles, covered with thick rain cloth products, to ensure that the product will not be exposed to the sun, affecting the quality of the product, for French children to send the best quality educational science toys products.

Alpha science toy factory is still trying to produce educational science toys in the midst of a global disaster because Alpha science toys firmly believe that all humanity around the world can overcome any disaster if it is united. At the same time, Alpha science toy factory also hopes to send the world's best educational science toys products, to help children in this special time also enjoy the fun of scientific experiments. Let children's lives not boring, help children quickly happy through special moments because children are the future of the earth.




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