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Alpha science toys: Send chemistry sets to German children as Christmas gifts

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-05      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time: On December 5, 2020              Destination:Germany           

                                                                        Product Type:chemistry sets for kids               Product Quantity:5000 sets, 508cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Time flies,2020 Christmas is approaching, which is also the most expected holiday for children. All the employees of alpha science toys are busy, producing different types of scientific toy products for science toy brand around the world, and making the best Christmas gifts for kids. As scheduled this week, alpha science toys completed 5000 sets of chemistry sets for kids from German children's science toy brands, hoping to arrive early in Christmas and send the most special Christmas gifts to German children for 2020 special Christmas.

As an old customer of the alpha science toy factory, the German toy brand has begun to cooperate in 2018. The two sides have rich cooperation experience and understanding. During the cooperation, the two sides jointly developed 15 sets of children's science toy products of different types. Passed the test of the market, as well as parents and children love. After receiving the design draft and product specifications of the chemistry sets for kids from the German brand, the sales manager convened the product order meeting, purchasing department, R & D department, production department, quality inspection department, and other departments, after in-depth discussion, developed detailed and professional production plan, after getting confirmation from German customer.


Alpha science toys factory various departments have launched a series of work, such as safety testing and production preparation of German chemistry sets for kids products.

Firstly alpha science toys factory the R & D department models the product molds of German brand for 3 D, and the size and height of the product molds are repeatedly and carefully tested to ensure that the product components fully meet the safety standards of German children's toys.

Alpha science toys factory in the production process of chemistry sets for kids products, in order to ensure the safety and health standards of the products, the production workshop, production equipment, and production personnel were strictly sterilized. During the production period, the quality inspection department also carried out strict sampling inspections on various components, material weight, product packaging, and so on, which ensured the product quality and packaging safety of the chemistry sets for kids.

Finally, the alpha science toys factory before the product entered the warehouse and waited for transportation, the final disinfection, and sterilization work, and the product dropbox test was carried out, and the chemistry sets for kids OEM of the German toy brand was completed according to the plan of both sides.

Alpha science toys factory in the agreed shipping time, the product loading and transportation preparation work was quickly completed, the product was delivered to the customer booking transport company, according to the agreement to complete the order cooperation.


During Christmas Eve, Alpha science toys factory and the German children's science toy brand again completed the cooperation. All partners in the alpha science toys will continue to work hard to produce more chemistry sets for kids for children around the world them the best Christmas gifts for the special period of 2020. Hope this product can give German children the best learning help and scientific fun, so that children through the 2020 special Christmas, become the happiest angel!


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