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Alpha science toys: Selecting safe children science toys

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When parents want to give their children fun science toys as a gift, what parents want to see is how much children like to use children's science toys to learn knowledge and entertainment - not how it gets them to the emergency room. So alpha science toys tell parents that careful selection of safe children's science toy gifts is very important for children's happiness and health. As a high-quality China educational toys manufacturer, here today, alpha science toys have some shopping tips for choosing safe children's science toys, and sharing them with parents, telling everyone how to choose safe and interesting children's science toys.

The age label on children's scientific toys is determined by safety factors. Small items are a choking hazard for children under 3 years old, so if there are toddlers or babies in the home, please consider games or children's science toy sets for older brothers and sisters. Also, consider the safety of family pets.

1. Check children's science toy materials.

Fabric toys should be washable and flame-retardant/flame-retardant. Plush toys and dolls should also be well constructed, with no removable eyes, nose, or other small parts that may cause suffocation. Crayons and paint should be non-toxic.

2. Pay attention to exercise.

Flying and propelling children's science toys can be dangerous, especially to the eyes. Make sure that the children's dart has a soft tip, such as a cork or suction cup, to prevent injury. Gifts for bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. should include helmets.

3. Choose New Overuse.

A used toy may seem more economical or emotionally valuable if it comes from your own childhood, but it may wear out and break more easily during play, or it may not meet today's safety standards.


4. Be careful with balloons.

According to data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more children are choked by uninflated balloons or broken balloons than any other type of children's science toy.

Pay attention to the magnet.

Avoid using children's science toys with magnets, and keep refrigerator magnets away from young children. If swallowed, magnets can cause serious damage to the intestines.

Alright, the precautions for selecting children's science toys gifts shared by alpha science toys are over. When choosing children's science toys for children, parents should also pay attention to whether the children's science toys you buy have safety tips and age groups remind. If you want to choose safe children's science toys, you can also go to the alpha science toys website to choose children's science toys that are suitable for parents and children. As an excellent China educational toys manufacturer, alpha science toys pay particular attention to children’s safety. Our toy raw materials are made of non-toxic and safe materials, using international safe production technology and strict quality inspection standards, and different types of products are in compliance with the toy safety standards of the European Union and the United States, have authoritative inspection reports. Parents can rest assured to buy. Let's help children learn interesting scientific knowledge together and train children to become the most powerful scientists.


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