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Alpha science toys: Science Tour of the Fantastic Children Chemistry Set from Argentina

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-03      Origin: Site

                                                                               Delivery time:On September 3 , 2020                   Destination:Argentina           

                                                                               Product Type:chemistry set for kids                    Product Quantity:9850 sets, 530 cases,

                                                                               Export Port:  QingDao, China                                Mode of Transport:Shipping

With fall just around the corner and many kids still reeling from the holidays, the chemistry set for kids is the perfect learning tool to help them get ready for school. The Argentine brand of children educational Science toys sees the advantage of this product and has customized 9850 chemistry set for kids in Alpha Science Toys, which is a great help for Argentine children in scientific knowledge learning.

Alpha Science Toy Factory cooperated with The Argentine brand of children educational science toys for the first time and prepared sufficient data of chemistry set for kids for this purpose, which helped the customer a lot in the OEM plan of Alpha Science Toys chemistry set for kids. Above all, Alpha also won high recognization by the Argentine brand of toys.


Alpha Science Toys Marketing Department held a product development meeting with r&d, production, procurement, quality inspection, and other departments after receiving the customized requirements for a chemistry set for kids from the Customer in Argentina. Alpha Science Toy Factory, based on the existing production technology and experience of a children chemistry set, adjusted the product packaging, safety materials, specifications, and production process to meet the needs of Argentine customers. Alpha Science Toy Factory adhered to the quality inspection standards to ensure the quality and safety of the chemistry set for kids from production, inspection, and packaging.

After the product development meeting of Alpha Science Toy Factory, the research and development department and the purchasing department purchased the safety materials conforming to the European Union toy standards. After repeated safety tests, Alpha Science Toy Factory delivered them to the production department to start the production of a chemistry set for kids.

The production department of Alpha Science Toy Factory has strengthened the disinfection and monitoring of production workshops, production machines, and production links at the beginning of the year to reassure customers about the quality of our products. Similarly, in the production of a chemistry set for kids in Argentina, the quality inspection department constantly inspected the finished products to ensure the quality and safety of the products, which also appropriately improved the production efficiency and reduced the error rate, so that we can deliver the products on time.


Alpha Science Toy Factory quickly completed the order under the close cooperation of the three departments of RESEARCH and development, production, and quality inspection. After the quality inspection department tested the outer packing of the products, the products are put into the warehouse for disinfection and sterilization, waiting for the international logistics company to transport.

Alpha Science Toy Factory's cooperation with the Argentinean toy brand also opens up new market prospects in South America. This cooperation has also enriched the working experience of Alpha Science Toys. Alpha Science Toy Factory also hopes the chemistry set for kids to Argentina this time to provide children with diverse science experiment interaction and help them learn interesting scientific knowledge. Alpha Science Toy Factory is honored to cooperate with Argentina this time. In the future, Alpha Science Toys will also strive to send more high-quality children educational science toys, so that children can grow up happily in a scientific atmosphere.







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