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Alpha science toys:science kits for kids provide a unique summer gift for British children

Views: 10     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-26      Origin: Site

                                                                                   Delivery time:On May 26, 2021                       Destination:England           

                                                                                   Product Type:science kits for kids                   Product Quantity:11000 sets, 1100cases,

                                                                                   Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Summer is coming soon. This is the favorite season for children. Of course, outdoor activities are essential. Alpha Science Toy Factory has also prepared many interesting science kits for children in advance so that children can have more fun in science this summer. As one of the world's most professional kid's educational toys manufacturers, Alpha Science Toys has been designing new science kits for kids to help the brand win the love of children all over the world.

Today’s order comes from a collaboration between the British toy brand Alpha Science Toys and Alpha Science Toys. The latter has ordered 11,000 science kits for kids British children as a special gift for International Children’s Day.

The marketing manager of Alpha Science Toys Factory received the demand of OEM for children's science kit from the British toy brand, communicated with him immediately, and recorded the customer's product requirements.


At the same time, the marketing manager also explained to the British toy brand details such as the production cycle and the mode of transportation. Finally, the two parties successfully completed the product order plan through communication.

Before the production of Alpha Science Toys Factory, the Marketing Department, Purchasing Department, Research and Development Department, Production Department, Quality Inspection Department, and other departments held a special order meeting for science kit for kids products. The Marketing Department shared the product needs of the British toy brands, and different departments sorted out and planned according to the work process.

We jointly developed a strict and perfect product production cycle plan to provide customers with a complete and thorough product production plan to ensure product quality and production cycle and deliver the products to British toy brands within the agreed time.

First of all, the Alpha Science Toys Factory's purchasing department selected the required raw materials. Safe and harmless raw materials were selected and submitted to the R&D department for safety testing and sample making. The samples were sent to professional safety testing institutions for strict testing in accordance with the safety standards of children's toys of the European Union. Start production.

During the preparation of raw materials, the production department of Alpha Science Toys Factory sorted out the processes and links required to produce children's science toolkit, deployed the equipment and workshop, and carried out disinfection and sterilization to ensure that workers worked in sterile and safe production links.

In the process of product production, the quality inspection department carried out strict sampling inspections for each link, refused the emergence of defective products, and kept the quality of each product at the same level.

Let customers rest assured, but also let each consumer rest assured to buy.

In the end, Alpha Science Toys Factory completed the OEM work of the British toy brand Children's Science Toolkit in a rigorous working attitude.


Finally, after dropping boxes and shipping tests by Alpha Science Toys Factory's quality control department, the agreed 11,000 science kits for kids were delivered to the customer's shipping representatives on time, starting the "journey" to the UK.

The year 2021 is already half over. As a Chinese children's educational toys manufacturers, Alpha Science Toys Factory is still making efforts to produce science kits for kids and scientific fun for children around the world, hoping to help children around the world learn scientific knowledge happily and grow up healthily.

Help the earth away from disaster, I hope every child can receive this happiness so that the world will always be full of laughter.


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