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Alpha science toys: scary slime set brings Saudi children summer fun.

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-20      Origin: Site

                                                                                     Delivery time:On April 20, 2022                   Destination:Saudi Arabia

                                                                                     Product Type:slime toys                               Product Quantity: 50000 sets, 5000cases,

                                                                                     Export Port:Qing Dao, China                       Mode of Transport:Shipping

How can children's summer be without the fun science toys of the alpha science toys factory? Recently, the alpha science toys factory received an order from a Saudi Arabian toy brand to customize 50,000 sets of slime toys. alpha science toys factory, as a China educational toy manufacturer and slime expert, hopes to deliver the best sensory toys to Saudi children with this product. toys to relieve the pressure on children's learning and get the best educational help.

After Alpha science toy's business manager received the customized demand from Saudi Arabia toy brand, he especially had a video conference call with the Saudi customer to have a preliminary communication about the product characteristics, packaging, transportation, and other issues, and answered all kinds of questions for the Saudi customer. At the same time, the alpha science toys account manager, in the slime toys set product order meeting held later, shared the information about the customer's demand for slime toys production standards, packaging, and other requirements, to various departments for discussion. Finally, with the close cooperation of the alpha science toys factory's R&D, purchasing, production, and quality control departments, a production schedule for the slime toys set products for the Saudi Arabia customer was made. It showed the rich experience and scientific management ability of the China educational toys manufacturer for the customer and won the recognition and praise of the customer.


Alpha science toys factory, R & D and procurement departments taking into account the issue of responsibility for children's health, specifically selected the educational toys market, the most in line with the European and American safety standards of slime toys materials, R & D department for the selected slime materials, repeated safety testing, to ensure that the product formula and process quality to maintain the safety level of The R&D department repeatedly conducts safety tests on selected slime materials to ensure that the safety level of product formulations and process quality remains above the world level. After confirming that the products meet the standards, the R&D department makes samples of slime toys and sends them to well-known product testing institutions for testing of EU toy safety standards. After a rigorous and professional safety test, the slime toys designed by the alpha science toys factory were certified by the EU test report.

At the same time, the production and R&D departments of the alpha science toys factory, while waiting for the production materials, carried out strict sterilization work for the filling workshop, production equipment, workshop, and personnel needed in the production of slime toys to ensure that the products would not cause health problems to Saudi children, and to provide the best service to the children with the scientific management ability and professionalism of a China educational toy manufacturer. With the scientific management ability and professionalism of Chinese educational toy manufacturers, we have laid a solid quality assurance for the quality of this product order. During the production process, the three departments of R&D, production, and quality control, according to the finished products made by slime toys, carry out almost strict monitoring to ensure that the safety and quality of the products are kept in a unified quality standard, so as to ensure that there are no hidden problems of after-sales and quality for customers.


Alpha science toys factory completed the production of the slime toys set within the agreed time frame with the Saudi Arabian toy brand, and the quality inspection department delivered the 50,000 sets of slime toys customized by the Saudi Arabian customer to the customer's shipping representative after the final packaging drop test, drawing a wan for the cooperation between the two sides. A perfect ending to the cooperation.

In 2022, the world is still in a special turn, we are still facing many challenges and problems, and alpha science toys factory, an excellent China educational toys manufacturer, is still working hard to fulfill the goal of making science dreams for children around the world, and continue to produce all kinds of high-quality children's educational science toys for children around the world. toys hope that the slime toys this time will help children in Saudi Arabia and around the world to spend this special moment without disturbing them and still grow up healthy in a happy atmosphere.


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