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Alpha science toys:Safety fire-drill this fall

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-12      Origin: Site

It is dry in Nov. and it is a challenge for alpha science toys factory. As there are many different kinds of materials for kids science experiments toys stored in our warehouse, there would be a potential safety hazard in the dry condition. In this way, Alpha science toys have applied for a fire-drill chance from a local fire station to ensure safety. Also, it can demonstrate our capacity and management ability to our customers.

Alpha science toy factory applied for the fire drill in advance. After strict checking, the local fire station made an appointment. They checked all fire equipment in alpha science toys factory thoroughly and assisted professionally to ensure everything was under control so that we can produce better kids science toys for kids all over the world.

On that day, firefighters played a video about fire hazards and self-help for the alpha science toys factory first. With the explanation and training from professional firefighters, everyone in the alpha science toys factory knew about different types of fire and hazards as well as how to use fire equipment and escape in the fires. After the video, the firefighter's companies by employees in the alpha science toys factory checked and tested fire equipment. They gave alpha science toys a high evaluation after checking and hope to keep it as it is.


Consideration of particularity of the raw material in alpha science toys factory, they introduced different ways for different chemicals to store them. Also, they explained ways to solve expired material professionally.

When everything was ready, the fire safety officer rang the fire alarm in the alpha science toy factory. All in alpha science toys factory run out of the scene of fire orderly per training and arrived at a safe place for rescuing. Safety officers in different departments turned off the main power switch immediately and the safety officer in the warehouse quickly opened the fire doors quickly to avoid secondary fires caused by raw materials. Workers found the root quickly and put it off with fire extinguishers and fire hoses nearby. Employees and firefighters placed the wound in an open safe place to rescue them by observing their wounds. Also, they gave us a class about saving the wound to ensure their safety. Finally, all employees in the alpha science toys factory were divided into 2 rows to learn how to use fire extinguishers and fire hoses to put off burning things. Alpha science toys factory passed the fire drill safety.


Though exhausted, everyone in the alpha science toys factory completed the fire drill carefully. Each learned different knowledge about fire safety and self-help ways. Staff in alpha science toys factory would be more predictable when face safety hazards in the future.

As a kids science toys manufacturer, alpha science toys factory not only provide more funny toys for children but also pay more attention to safety. Alpha science toys believe as long as in a safe environment, we can produce better toys for partners and children and provide more professional OEM and ODM service. Alpha science toys factory will do a good job in safety protection for our workers, produce more science toys for kids to realize the corporate goal to bring a happy scientific dream for children all over the world in the future.




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