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Alpha science toys:Safety certification gives children a scientific dream of safety

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There are many children's educational science toys brands around the world, among which the content of each children's educational science toys product is different, the product safety quality is also different, but the safety standards of children's educational science toys products are very important in different countries around the world because children are the future. Alpha science toy factory, as a toy manufacturer of children's educational science, is also very focused on the quality and safety of its products, and Alpha science toy factory just got a Wal-Mart FCCA factory review with a high score of 80.9. Alpha science toy factory as a toy manufacturer of children's educational science toys, taking the safety and quality of its children's educational science toy products as an example, to introduce the quality of children's educational science toy manufacturers need what certificate certification, can be trusted children's educational science toy manufacturers.

Alpha science toys:authentication certificate-toy manufacturer

There are many safety requirements for children's educational toys in different countries around the world, and the key to the quality of toy products is whether the toy manufacturer's factory and capacity are qualified. And Alpha science toy factory as many children's educational science toy manufacturers, pay great attention to the factory construction and capacity development. Alpha science toy factory also because of the advantages of factory and capacity to get the trust of Wal-Mart Group, very smoothly through the Walmart- FCCA factory inspection. And Wal-Mart FCCA The inspection of the factory involves a lot can be said to be very strict. Alpha science toy factory for everyone to interpret the FCCA factory inspection requirements.

The full name of FCCA: Factory Capability &Capacity

Assessment, factory production, and capacity assessment is a new factory audit project launched by Wal-Mart to verify that the production and capacity of the factory meet the capacity and quality requirements of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart's FCCA inspection factory has the same place as other customers' social responsibility inspection factory, and there are many differences, such as they have particularly high requirements for sharp weapon management/needle breaking management and risk assessment.

FCCA inspection requirements:

1.Factory facilities and environment

FCCA has extremely high requirements for safety measures and fire fighting equipment in the factory, and the building safety, sanitation, lighting, storage, sharp weapon control in the factory workshop all have different degrees of requirements.

2.Production machine calibration and maintenance

FCCA for the production machine requirements, need to have complete machine maintenance files, have a professional team to carry out regular maintenance, calibration, cleaning, maintenance of the periodic work, to keep the machine clean and can be normal operation, spare parts can timely replacement.

3.Quality management system

FCCA for the quality management system, need to hold a national and international certificate of quality and safety system, whether workers are familiar with the quality standardization process, whether there is an independent product quality inspection team, whether the production products meet the safety and quality standards, and whether the factory has systems and procedures to control the physical, chemical and microbial contamination risks that may affect the product or cause harm to people.

4.Raw material control

FCCA for raw material control is also a lot of subdivisions, whether the factory has a professional team for raw material quality control, supplier quality control has a documented process, for the storage of raw materials, records, marking has a strict distinction and standards.

5. Process and production control

FCCA is most important for the process and production control. It is necessary to apply product safety characteristics, evaluate styles, molds, and samples before product development in the R & D and design department and is also necessary to conduct in-house experimental tests. It is necessary to conduct prenatal meetings and plans before production.

6. Internal laboratory tests

FCCA the most stringent requirements for internal laboratory testing, internal laboratory team personnel need to be professional equipment and professional personnel, understand the different countries for the industry testing standards, have high inspection experience, and so on.

7.Final inspection

FCCA for the final inspection is also the most stringent of all, whether the final inspection standards meet international requirements, whether the quality inspection team completed the final inspection process, whether the quality inspection team completed the product dropbox test to ensure the safety of the products transported, whether there is a professional inspection report. Whether the product marks, lists are perfect and clear, can easily track the quality of the product, whether after the customer agreed to ship, are particularly important.

Those are the seven most important aspects of the Wal-Mart-FCCA factory inspection explained by Alpha science toy factory. However, from the point of view of these 7 standards, Wal-mart -FCCA factory audit is very strict and perfect.

Alpha science toys:partner-educational science toys

Alpha science toy factory as a children's educational science toy manufacturer can pass high scores, and shows that the strength and capacity of the alpha science toy factory can be trusted. Moreover, Alpha science toy factory also obtained the ICTI、WCA、IOS9001、SCAN、GSV and so on industry inspection authentication. The same Alpha science toy factory's BIG BANG Science children's educational science brand products also passed the testing standards of Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and other countries, exported to more than 30 countries, won the cooperation with Wal-Mart, Target, and other well-known enterprises, has been loved by children around the world. Alpha science toy factory in children's educational science toy manufacturers are also global customers can trust and cooperate with the quality of enterprises.

Finally, Alpha Science Toy Factory also welcomes global high-quality children's educational science toy brands and traders to communicate and cooperate with us.

Alpha Science Toys will show great cooperation sincerity and service attitude, provide OEM and ODM services for global children's educational science toys brands and traders, and jointly produce high-quality children's educational toys for children around the world so that children can have a scientific and fun childhood and create a better future.



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