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Alpha Science Toys:Russian partner's science toy products for children shipped.

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-28      Origin: Site

                                                                                Delivery time:July 28, 2020                                 Destination: Russia           

                                                                                Product Type:kids science toys                           Product Quantity:15000 sets, 2500 cases,

                                                                                Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

In special times, children in many countries cannot go to school for knowledge learning, so ki's science toys have become the best tools for children to learn science knowledge at home. Not long ago, the Russian children’s science brand business partner who had just visited Alpha science toy factory and customized 15,000 sets of different types of kid’s science toys。Hope those science toys are the best scientific tools for Russian children to learn, allowing them to obtain the best scientific knowledge and enjoy the fun of science.

Alpha science toy factory has the most professional way of handling science toy orders from different customers. After receiving email feedback from Russian customers, the marketing department specially invited five departments including R&D, quality inspection, production, and procurement to analyze and discuss in detail the Russian kid’s science toys order. During this period, various departments of Alpha science toy factory also discussed the requirements of the order and put forward constructive opinions for the production of kid’s science toys for Russian customers.

 Alpha science toys:Customer kids science toy warehouse

The R&D and quality inspection departments of Alpha science toy factory conducted strict safety inspections on the required materials before the production of kid's science toys for Russian customers started. After repeatedly confirming the safety of specifications and materials, the production department methodically began the production process of kid's science toys and carried out disinfection, material verification, and production. At the same time, the R&D department and the quality inspection department conducted random inspections and product tests to ensure the quality of the kid's science toys products.

Alpha science toy factory completed the Russian customer’s order as scheduled. After the warehouse team conducted strict inspections on the outer packaging of the product and dropped the box test, the product was placed in the warehousing workshop, waiting for the customer’s international logistics company ‘s transportation arrangement.

Alpha science toys:Customer science toy loading

In the hot summer, the workers of Alpha science toys assisted the logistics company to quickly complete the product loading work, and continue to be busy producing the best kid's science toy products for customers around the world.

As a well-known manufacturer of kid's science toys, Alpha science toy factory will also encounter many challenges in the production process, but everyone at Alpha science toys can work together to find solutions and provide customers with products and services because alpha science toys have the most professional service and integrity concept. Alpha science toys hope to send the best gifts to children all over the world during the special period, to help children through this difficult time and make them become the stars of the future.







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