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Alpha science toys: Russian customer did an inspection on kids science toys and factory

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-14      Origin: Site

Alpha science toy factory, as a toy manufacturer to produce toys for children all over the world sincerely, welcomed Anna and Alina who were the toy brand partners of the biggest kids science toys in Russia to Alpha science toy factory. They did the inspection for custom toys of their own. Thus Alpha science toy factory-made preparations and hoped it could be done smoothly.

Una, as an account manager for Alpha science toys, came to Xinzheng Airport to pick up our customers from Russia at the appointed time. After a friendly conversation, they would come to Alpha science toys factory in Xinxiang by car.

After arrived at Alpha science toy factory, Anna and Alina visited different apartments for Alpha science toy factory, such as PD Apartment, Quality Apartment, Purchasing Apartment, and warehouses. They specially visited workshops in the Alpha science toy factory to know about the production process. Anna and Aline gave high recognition to Alpha science toys factory and mentioned that Alpha science toys are one of the best factories that pay more attention to product quality. Alpha science toys have a special design and many experiences in kids' science toys. It is an excellent kid science toy manufacturers and they were confident to work together.

Alpha science toys:Customer inspection-kids science toys

After visiting Alpha science toys, Anna and Alina along with QC came to the meeting room to conduct the inspection on kids' science toys.

With Una and QC’s help, Anna and Alina inspected each component more carefully in the kid's science toys. They compared the products with singed samples to ensure quality. It took one day to do the inspection and Anna and Alina was satisfied with this inspection. They knew more about Alpha science toys on product quality and the factory capacity and hoped that both of us could have great cooperation in the future to provide more funny and good quality toys for Russian kids.

Alpha science toys:Customer communications-toy manufacturers

It would help the kids grow happily. At the same time, they wished Alpha science toys can get more children’s love and realize the dream to bring happiness to kids all over the world.

In order to ensure the happiness of kids is not affected in recent days, Alpha science toys factory still produces kids science toys for children all over the world. We bring more professional OEM and ODM service for kids science toys brands so that the children can enjoy the happiness brought by kids science toys.



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