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Alpha science toys: Physical illusion kit for American children's eyes to discover science

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-05      Origin: Site

                                                                                        Delivery time:January 5, 2022                      Destination:America

                                                                                        Product Type:Physical illusion kit                 Product Quantity:4000 sets, 1200cases,

                                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                       Mode of Transport:Shipping

Happy Christmas holidays have started, and everyone at the factory of alpha science toys factory, an excellent China educational toy manufacturer, is still busy working hard to make exclusive science educational toys for children around the world. The order, from the 4,000 sets of Physical illusion kits agreed with the American toy brand, is the best science gift for children in the new time of 2022, giving them a pair of eyes to discover the fun of science.

After Alpha science toys factory sales manager received the customized demand from the American toy brand, he opened a video conference and answered various questions from the customer to establish a preliminary consensus for the subsequent order. The sales manager sorted through the customer's Physical illusion kit product requirements. In the product order meeting later, we analyzed and communicated the customer's product requirements with the purchasing, R&D, production, and quality inspection departments according to their respective expertise, and finally established a scientific and professional production schedule for the 4,000 sets of Physical illusion kit for the American toy brand, which was appreciated and approved by the customer.

Before the production of the Alpha science toys factory, the raw materials and small parts needed for the visual kits were specially selected from the educational toy market for safety and non-toxic materials. First of all, the purchasing department and the R & D department conducted a list of materials for the products, selected the safer and more trusted manufacturers, conducted samples and safety tests, and confirmed that the samples were correct, then sent them to the customers and well-known product testing institutions for confirmation, in order to ensure the safety and quality of the products. Alpha science toys factory also gave the best cooperation guarantee to the customer with its professionalism and strength, showing the professional and rigorous attitude of China educational toy manufacturers.

After a series of tests in accordance with the American toy safety standards, the Physical illusion kit passed the tests successfully and got the professional inspection report.


Alpha science toys factory's production and quality inspection departments, in the process of product raw material purchase and testing, carried out all-round disinfection and sterilization work on the production line, workshop, personnel and equipment required for this physical vision kit, and workers wore professional work clothes during production to ensure that the hygiene and health of this product were no less than that of the food production environment. During the production period, the workers strictly followed the production steps and carefully made every environment of the products, during which the production and quality were respectively sampling the finished products to ensure the quality of each production line, unified in a horizontal line, giving the best quality assurance to the American toy brands.

Soon, alpha science toys factory's quality control department conducted the last shipping drop test on the finished Physical illusion kits, and finished the production of 4,000 sets of products as scheduled, and handed them over to the customer's shipping representative, drawing a perfect end to the cooperation between the two sides.

Even though all of us at Alpha Science Toy Factory were still working hard to produce science educational toys during the cold holidays, the thought of providing the best learning tools for children around the world made the moment worthwhile for all of us. As a China educational toy manufacturer, Alpha Science Toy Factory hopes to accomplish the goal of delivering science dreams to children all over the world as soon as possible. Although there is still a long way to go, we believe this moment will not be too long.


Alpha Science Toys Factory hopes that these 4000 sets of Physical illusion kits will train American children to grow up happily with the ideal of discovering the mysteries of science and becoming the best scientists. Meanwhile, Alpha Science Toys Factory would like to send New Year wishes and gifts to American children to start a happy time.


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