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Alpha science toys: Passed Wal-Mart FCCA Audit

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Alpha science toys factory, all of the teams are busy working in hot summer and design and produce excellent educational science toys continuously. We hope we can bring funny science experiments and learning tools in a special period. Meanwhile, all of us in Alpha science toy factory are ready for Wal-Mart FCCA audit, which conducts assessments on Alpha science toy factory about production capability and capacity strictly.

Alpha Science Toys Factory Overview-Toy manufacturer

Once you get the notification, Alpha science toy factory held a meeting for it to discuss and make a plan in detail. The leader of each team set up a special inspection team to check and train on different sides. So Alpha science toy factory strengthens reorganization and management.

Security: Alpha science toy factory inspects everywhere daily per our standard to ensure the security. Also, it can provide a healthy and clean environment for our workers. Besides, it stays our products with good quality.

Production process and quality control: As a toy manufacturer, Alpha science toy factory does well on these two sides. Before the production, Alpha science toy factory will test and produce the production process and technology for this product and choose a safe and scientific one. Professional QC in Alpha science factory conducts the inspection per quality standard of the EU and the USA. Because of our high requirement of the alpha science toy factory, it gains the trust of different brands and traders in different countries.

Raw material: For incoming material, Alpha science toy factory will check the function and quality before receiving them. Once qualified, the raw material will be labeled and stored in different warehouses. According to the characteristics of raw materials, professional warehousing personnel will record the origin, material, use, model and other materials to establish a complete material file, to ensure that every detail of the raw materials is perfect and controllable. A professional warehousing team regularly checks the quality of raw materials to ensure the safety of materials and the quality of products.

Alpha science toys:Wal-mart FCCA factory inspection Report-Wal-Mart FCCA

When Alpha science toy factory-made all of the preparations, the inspector came to Alpha science toy, locating in Henan Province, to conduct the audit. The inspector double-checked every document carefully per requirement. Also, he had a tour at Alpha science toy factory to ensure everything can be met the standard.

To be delighted, Alpha science toy factory received the FCCA report with 80.9 scores. It passed the audit to prove that the Alpha science toy factory met the standard and requirement. Also, everyone in Alpha science toys has more confidence to produce more funny educational science toys for children.

At last, the Alpha science toy factory held a meeting to discuss the audit. It gave us more experience and also there was a higher requirement. We would do our best to provide the best educational science toys for children as a toy brand and a toy manufacturer.



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