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Alpha Science Toys: Norwegian children's Science toys set out

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                                                                                Delivery time:July 17, 2020                                  Destination: Norway           

                                                                                Product Type:kids science toys                           Product Quantity:3500 sets, 500 cases,

                                                                                Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

As the global economy slowly recovers, children begin to go outside for simple activities and communication, they are enjoying play outside, At this time, children who cannot go to school for classroom education need the help of high-quality kids science toys to learn simple science knowledge. Alpha science toys recently received a Norwegian children science toy brands order for 3500 sets of products, in the special period of Alpha science toys will also be able to receive orders, it’s that because Alpha product quality and service quality are high quality, although it is a small order, Alpha science toys will do a good work of product manufacturing, reward the trust of our customers in Alpha Science Toy Factory.

Alpha science toy factory before the order production, excellent sales manager in communication with the customers all the product requirements, joint Alpha science toy factory in purchasing department, R&D department, quality department, production department, and other teams, held kids science toys product order meeting, for Norway customers product orders requirements discussed in detail and preparation.

Alpha science toys:Norwegian customer loading-kids science toys

During the meeting, the work objectives to be completed in different time periods were set, and the completion date and delivery date of the kid’s science toys produced by the Norwegian customer were determined.

At the same time, strict production technology and production requirements for kids’ science toys have been established.

Alpha Science Toy Factory before the use of raw materials for kids’ science toys products, the R&D department, and the quality inspection department respectively conducted strict tests on the raw materials, which provided good production Suggestions for the production department on the premise that the raw materials would not affect children's safety.

The Alpha Science Toy Factory production team started the production of kids’ science toys products after conducting strict disinfection and temperature tests on the production workshop and workers.

During this period, the quality inspector carried out a sampling inspection on the finished products to ensure that the process and process of the products were kept at a certain level, providing customers with products of the same quality.

Alpha science toys:Science toy loading

Finally, after the double inspection of the finished products by the R&D department and the quality inspection department, the finished products of kids’ science toys are stored in the warehouse for secondary disinfection.

Alpha Science Toys has a strict time control because it involves the brand reputation, Alpha Science Toy Factory owners attach great importance to it. This time, the kids’ science toys products of the Norwegian customer have been subjected to a series of work such as disinfection, testing, box falling test, and outer packing inspection, etc., and started the journey to Norway as scheduled.

In the process of the disaster, Alpha Science Toys never gave up the work of making science fun for children all over the world, because we firmly believe that disaster will not defeat optimistic human beings, and children are the future and hope of the world.

Alpha Science Toys will always strive to do a good job in the production of kids’ science toys for children, and earnestly fulfill the responsibility and mission of a scientific toy manufacturing company for children, so as to bring the best scientific fun and create happy childhood memories for children all over the world.


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