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Alpha science toys: Mysterious space toys bring unlimited scientific fun to Malaysian children

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-25      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time: September 25, 2020                     Destination:Malaysia           

                                                                        Product Type:space toys,physical toys                 Product Quantity:50000 sets, 7500 cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

Recently, the Big Bang Science brand children's educational science toy series under alpha science toys have won a large number of orders from children's educational science toy brands in Southeast Asian countries and has also been loved by children and parents. In particular, alpha science toys' children's educational science toys brand partner in Malaysia, after passing a thorough market sales test of children's educational science toys, then ordered 50000 sets of children's space toys and physics toys OEM orders from alpha science toys, To send the most special children's educational science toys to Malaysian children, and to send the most special learning helpers to Malaysian children.


The Alpha science toys marketing department has specially studied the various data forms of children's educational science toys market sales feedback from customers in Malaysia, and specially invited 4 departments including R&D, purchasing, production, and quality inspection to hold a special product order plan at the meeting, the marketing department introduced the sales data tables of Malaysian customers in detail to each department, especially for the children's space toys and physics toys OEM orders, and analyzed the product specifications and various requirements of the Malaysian customers for this product. During the meeting, various departments of the alpha science toy factory also discussed and formulated plans for the work content and time nodes from raw materials, product design and R&D, production process and cycle, quality inspection plan, disinfection, and sterilization, and feedback to the Malaysian customers, showing the professional service and attitude of alpha science toys to customers, which has been praised and recognized by Malaysian customers.

Alpha science toys also encountered many problems with the order for children's space toys and physics toys. First of all, our company does not understand the standards of children’s toys in Malaysia. For this reason, the R&D and procurement teams have specially studied the knowledge of children’s toy inspection standards in Malaysia. According to the product requirements of children’s space toys and physics toys of Malaysian customers, the procurement team The safer raw materials were selected, and the production raw materials were submitted to the production team after the R&D team repeated safety tests on the required raw materials.

The production team of Alpha science toys factory disinfected and sterilized the production personnel, workshops, and required machinery in advance. After receiving the product raw materials, the busy production of children's space toys and physics toys was quickly started. During this period, the quality inspection team continued to conduct random inspections to ensure that the quality of the children's space toys and physics toys were maintained at a uniform standard. To provide customers with the best quality assurance.


Alpha science toy factory has completed the OEM orders for children's space toys and physics toys from Malaysian customers after a few weeks of busy working. Finally, after completing the disinfection and sterilization of finished children's space toys and physics toys, and the finalization of the product dropbox test, alpha science toys delivered 50000 sets of children's space toys and physics toys to the product cargo agency of the Malaysian customer on time. It is the cooperation between alpha science toys and Malaysian children's educational science toy brand that has come to a perfect end.

Alpha science toys' order for children's space toys and physics toys has provided a good start for alpha science toys to open up the Southeast Asian market, allowing all team members to have a preliminary understanding of the Southeast Asian market. Although it is just a simple 50,000 sets of children's space toys and physics toys, it provides valuable experience and lessons for alpha science toys. In the future, alpha science toys will work harder to design and produce more interesting children's educational science toys for children around the world, so that children can learn scientific knowledge in a happy atmosphere, and help children understand more magical mysteries, achieve their own dreams.



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