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Alpha science toys: Move Forwards a New Goals, Embrace the New Challenge in 2019

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In the last three days of 2018, Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing ltd ushered in the most exciting time that all Alpha members wished.  Alpha science toys has been achieved 100 million in 2018. Look upon the days of 10th Dec. 2018, Alpha science toys with Alibaba group made the aim of 21 days to achieve 100 million sales target each members of Alpha with their confidence and courage believe we can do it. We also believe in the sentence from “to see because you believe, but not to believe because you see. Alphas members believe with our sincerely attitude and high quality science educational toys for customers we can achieved our goals. Because each members of Alpha understand we are not just for produce the science educational toys but we hope every children all over the world can get the funny and science knowledge from science educational toys. This is a great target so all Alpha members pleasure try their best to do every task to achieve the goal.

Each members of Alpha with their responsible work attitude and perseverance to solve the difficulties in 2018, use their optimistic attitude to solve the problems and challenges in production. So that Alpha team and company become the top team and enterprise of Science educational toys in China so as to better service the children all over the world with our high quality Science educational toys.

 tom li

General manger of Alpha science toys TOM Li develied a speech on the company’s development in 2018 and the team goal in 2019.




E-commerce operation manger of Alpha science toys Eric Yuan refers to the operation and sales team’s question in 2018 and the team goals in 2019 made a report and explain.


Custom manger of Xinxiang ALIBABA branch shared and congratulated the process of Alpha and look forwards to deep cooperation in 2019.

Look upon  Alpha science toys  in the year of 2018, there were many difficulties and challenges, but we never stop moving, because Alpha science toys believed there is always best return to the effort.  

With the coming of 2019, each members of Alpha use their enthusiasm to do their best in science educational toys to provide the best service for each customer, in order to make every children all over the world could get the help and inspire, even to make their childhood full of science funny, to let every children all over the world has a bright future and make the world full of laughter.


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