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Alpha science toys: Market trends report on educational toys for kids and games in 2020

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Alpha science toys have been engaged in the manufacture of educational toys for kids in many years. An analysis of the global market for educational toys for kids proves that the children still love to play educational toys.

Alpha science toys found that the global toy and game market is showing a growing trend from market analysis and research in 2020, which includes forecasts of the educational toys for kids industry, growth drivers, category overview, local opinions, and major trends.

Alpha science toys forecasts for the educational toys for kids industry

The global market for educational toys for kids and games is booming despite the tough economic situation In recent years. In fact, the market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% during 2019-2024. The toy market alone is forecast to reach revenues of more than $120 billion by 2023. E-commerce retailers, in particular, are enjoying success, as consumers move towards online shopping, and this trend is set to continue over the coming years.

Around the world, major players focus on developing and optimizing new products for educational toys for kids and collaborate with other players. Asia is the fastest-growing market and the biggest spender in America.

Where is the growth point of educational toys for kids? What are the key factors driving the growth of the children's educational toy industry?

1. The number of dual-income households is growing, Revenues are also rising in emerging markets.

2. Advances in VR and mobile technology are driving demand for video games.

3. More and more social media penetration and engagement.

4. Consumer spending is driving demand for action figures, stuffed toys, sports equipment, preschool products, and puzzles.

5. New business models proliferated, such as subscription box services.

The introduction of subscription box services in this industry will change the global children's educational toy market in the coming years. The purpose of ordering educational toys for kids is to meet children’s needs. The proliferation of these business models will drive the global market for educational toys for kids during the forecast period.

Childrens toy market report-educational toys for kids

The children learned to use new technology

Key categories:

Alpha science toys think that with the rapid development of technology, children are gradually changing from educational toys for kids to games. This means that there is a shorter window for toy manufacturers to target this age group and categories like video games are beginning to take center stage.

There is a growing demand for social toys and mainstream media, with themed toys and games featuring cartoon characters from favorite TV shows and movie franchises, such as lego and transformers.

Educational, interactive and multifunctional toys are also increasing in popularity as families in developed markets choose to purchase them as a tool for childhood development.

Market trends in toys and games in 2020

1. Children's stuffed toys become personalized

The global trend towards personalization is driving innovation and increasing demand for customized products for children's toys such as Children's toys with GPS trackers and sensors.

Cartoon shows and action movies have boosted consumer demand for stuffed toys. With more and more excellent cartoons to be shown in 2020, we can expect to see more stuffed toys of cartoon characters enter the market.

Alpha science toys’ stuffed toys will be personalized in 2020.

2.  Education and science look at the young female market for growth.

Alpha science toys know Increasingly health-conscious consumers are using food-related toys to educate their children about good food choices in an engaging, light-hearted way. Toys are also becoming much more of a focus for parents wanting to develop their children’s STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and maths). One particularly exciting and progressive area is the emergence of STEM-related toys that have been developed specifically to encourage young girls to become scientists and engineers such as Alpha science toys, Alex toys.

According to The Toy Association’s Decoding STEM/STEAM report, toys play a crucial role in teaching STEAM concepts to kids by helping develop these necessary skills and competencies through play. In addition, the report said toys can motivate kids to get excited about new areas, make mistakes without fear, and help facilitate collaboration among peers.

3. Baby toys are getting smarter, greener and safer.

Alpha science toys through research, it is found that education is the focus of baby toys. Parents are looking for innovative ways to use toys to develop their babies' skills, such as speech recognition. With the development of environmentalism, parents pay more and more attention to biodegradable packaging and product materials.

4. Movable children's dolls reflect a more inclusive mindset.

Collectibles, such as dolls and accessories, are becoming a major selling point for toys. However, Toys Association warns that this trend won’t hold out in the long-term as children will move on to different play styles (such fickle beings, aren’t they?!).

One thing to bear in mind with collectibles is consumers’ attitudes towards single-use plastics and the environment. After a bit of backlash, Woolies recently ditched their ‘Ooshies’ campaign in favor of a more environmentally-friendly collectibles promotion encouraging children to cultivate their own gardens.

5. LEGO building takes a virtual turn.

Thinking further outside the box than traditional LEGO building blocks, creative and reusable compounds such as kinetic sand, dough, putty, and slime are now widely being used to allow children to familiarise themselves with different textures, designs, and styles of construction.

However, as technology advances, children (and adults!) are increasingly turning to build virtual worlds rather than physical creations. Games like the 2019 release Dreams and the 2009 classic Minecraft are being used as a form of self-expression:

“As the tools for producing 3D virtual worlds go mainstream, more and more people are using them as an outlet for creativity and communication.”

6. Online games and game machine are cloud-based

Gaming is going from strength to strength. Online gaming is growing fast. This is due to the development of technology that makes games more realistic. In the future, “cloud” games have unlimited potential.

Childrens toy market report-educational toys

Kids who start switching to games in 2020

How to win the game.

Alpha science toys think the educational toys for kids and Games industry is a great market to PLAY with. However, Its pace is constantly changing, so it is important for brands to keep up with trends and invest in product development.

Alpha science toys predict that certain trends and brands used a long time, but often change quickly It is important to manage new product development and inventory management.

“If an educational toy producer invests in a trend and the trend tapers off, being left with too much inventory at the end of the trend can wipe out all the profit that came before. So watching trends isn't just a matter for product creation, it's critical to the mission of a toy business throughout its life.”

6 secrets to the success of children's educational toys and games in 2020:

1. Create a seamless integration of physical and digital PLAY to succeed in a technology-driven marketplace.

2. Don’t forget the parents.

3. Keep up-to-date with changing consumer attitudes, such as evolving beliefs about gender.

4. Incorporate influencer marketing (such as famous YouTubers) into your strategy for maximum results.

5. PLAY into the global “unboxing” trend by creating an element of surprise for kids. Experiment with creating unique packaging that transforms into storage or playsets.

6. BONUS: If you can hack it, according to eBay, “disgustingly awesome” toys are the new “it” thing. Think spot picking, slime, and toilet habit-focused toys.

Alpha science toys are high-quality children's educational toy manufacturer. We have been following the changes in the global market for different types of educational toys for kids. These educational toys for kids and games market reports give parents and Alpha science toys’ customers a better understanding of the trend in 2020. we have more confidence in the children's toy market, we will use advanced technology and mature experience to send children more different kinds of educational toys for kids.

Alpha science toys will continuously improve the development and design ability of new products of educational toys for kids to provide children with high-quality and safe educational toy products and grow together with children.


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