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Alpha science toys:March 2019 Alpha data report conference

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2018 was the busiest and most rewarding year for Alpha science toys. Even though they are busy and tired, Alpha team members are constantly thinking about the shortcomings and mistakes they have encountered in their work in the past year. In 2019, in order to get rid of the enterprise's many ills, Alpha science toys improve the work efficiency and production capacity of enterprise. The Alpha company dedicated to introduce the advanced ERP management system, make the Alpha science toys out of the traditional enterprise boundaries, from the scope of the supply chain to deeply optimize the enterprise's resources, carry out the most comprehensive integrated management of material resources, capital resources and information resources for the interior of Alpha scientific brand toy manufacturing enterprises, help Alpha to customize the development of scientific education toys and the production process of scientific education toys, so as to improve the professional quality and better meet the product needs of customers, and achieve a win-win situation for both sides.

After all Alpha science toys employees trial and collision of ideas in the long time, gradually set up ERP management module which is the most suitable for Alpha science toys production class enterprise, and carry out some working process and docking process management method for each department, in order to make complex workflow more visible and manageable, helping Alpha to take the company to the next level as a leading brand for children's science education toys.

Company report meeting (3)

Through the efforts of the Alpha company staff for a long time, in March, the Alpha science toys company general manager TOM - LI held a data summary report of all departments of the enterprise, heads of Alpha's departments introduce their department's job content through detailed digital work report, it makes all departments of Alpha fully understand each other and make each work data and transparent, which helps Alpha science toys company accelerate the great process of enterprise data office.


Alpha science toys e-commerce operation department and sales department also participated in the video conference in the downtown office, listened to the data report of parallel departments, and understood the work content of different stages of parallel departments.

Company report meeting

After the operation of the new work system and work process, Alpha science toys showed many excellent employees in all departments. Alpha company commended and encouraged excellent employees, and encouraged more employees to learn from these excellent employees, which laid the most solid foundation for the enterprise to better complete the scientific data work progress.

Company report meeting

Alpha science toys statistical report in March is a new revolution for enterprise, it also injected new vitality and strength into the Alpha, help Alpha company strengthen links between various departments work, to make Alpha constantly grow up to be a world-class science toys enterprises for children, to produce a wide variety of quality science education toys for children around the world, let every child who buys the toys get the best education and help, grow up healthily, become a happy little scientific talent, and achieve the best future.


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