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Alpha Science Toys: Magical water toys set, to eliminate boredom in German children's summer holidays

Views: 13     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-16      Origin: Site

                                                                                                 Delivery time:On August 16, 2022                  Destination:Germany

                                                                                                 Product Type:magic water toys                       Product Quantity: 15600sets, 1539cases,

                                                                                                 Export Port:Qing Dao,  China                           Mode of Transport:Shipping

In the summer heat, children can't be active outdoors in hot weather, so it becomes the best choice for them to be entertained by fun children's educational toys in the comfort of their homes. As a China toy manufacturer in the educational toy market, Alpha science toys are also concerned about children's entertainment and learning life in the summer, specially designed magic water toy set to help children enjoy the fun of science. For this reason gained the love of German toy brands for the product, in Alpha science toys specially customized 15,600 sets of magic water toy products, hoping to send the most lovely belonging to the entertainment activities for German children.

Alpha science toys marketing manager, after receiving the order demand from the German toy brand, the marketing manager had a video conference by telephone with the German customer, during which the design, packaging, transportation, and price of the products were communicated and the preliminary plan of the order was reached. In the magic water toy product order meeting held later, the marketing manager took the German toy brand merchant customer's product requirements and explained the problems and special needs of each department in detail. After discussion, finally, the departments of Alpha science toys factory made a scientific and detailed production plan, which demonstrated the professionalism of China toy manufacturers. It laid a stable foundation for cooperation between the two sides.


First of all, Alpha science toys factory purchasing department and R&D department, before the production of magic water toy products, selected safe raw materials in the educational toy market, and after repeated product safety checks, made magic water toy samples and sent them to customers for confirmation. In order to better ensure product safety and quality, the samples were also sent to a well-known product laboratory for strict European toy safety testing, to obtain the approval of the authority for the product's safety and quality, to ensure that children will not affected their health during use. Finally, the samples of the magic water toy set have been tested by a variety of strict safety experiments and obtained the European testing certificate, giving the best quality assurance to customers and demonstrating the capability and product quality of China toy manufacturers compared with international toy manufacturers.

Alpha science toys factory, in the process of material preparation, the production department and quality inspection department, together with the production of magic water toy required equipment, workshop, personnel disinfection, sterilization, insect control work. After starting the production work, the production line was strictly supervised by each team leader, and the quality inspection department also conducted a random inspections and testing of all products and components of each production line according to the sample standards to ensure that no defective products would occur. Finally, after the assembly of product components, packaging sealing, outer packaging assembly, and the final product drop box test, the production of magic water toys was completed as scheduled.


Finally, Alpha science toys factory delivered the 15,600 sets of magic water toy products to the German toy brand's customer's shipping representative to complete the final loading of the container of products to the departure port.

The summer of 2022 is coming to an end, Alpha science toys factory, as a professional Chinese toy factory manufacturer, will continue to work hard to make high-quality children's educational toys products for children all over the world, to deliver the best science learning assistant to children in the coming new semester, to fulfill children's science dreams and to deliver perfect holiday gifts. science toys factory believes that the future will change in the hands of children.


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